Zero Point Energy, What is it

 Zero point energy, in physics, is the most basic type of energy and is considered to be the source for all other types of energy. The system that contains this energy is referred to as the zero point field. The concept of zero point energy was first proposed by Albert Einstein in 1913 and since then has been studied in depth.

Zero point energy exists in a dimension that is below subspace particles and is considered the foundation for every other type of energy, including electrons and protons. This is where the controversy begins regarding the possibility of harnessing zero point energy due to the fact that it is considered no energy can be withdrawn from a system without altering that system to a different form which has a different source of zero point energy.

Along with most new technology you will always find skeptics, these will be convinced one at a time as this technology is real and will become part of our lives. 

 Amized Fusion Technology has clearly been proven by Amega that this can energy can be harnessed and encased in a variety of instrumetns to help promote an overall state of wellness.   This technology was developed by Amega after 25 years of research and work on the project and it has led to the creation of a resonance technology that is based on both quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

Amega does not claim that this is a miracle cure, simply that it creates harmony in the body, mind and spirit as zero point energy reminds cells of their source. This allows them to realign with the frequency of the zero point field and often leads to the body healing itself.

There are a wide range of amized fusion products with zero point energy being offered by Amega.. Some are to be ingested while others have an external, topical approach. For example, the famous Amega wand looks like a simple pen with a hole in the end.  The producers claim that the ray shoots out of the wand that spans over 12 feet.  The Amega wand shoots a ray with a range of over 30 feet with a life spam of 10,000 years. You simply wand over the area of pain for several minutes in a circular cloakwise motion and with in a few minutes, you can see some results. Depending on what was being wanded one could experince total pain loss.

One of the best aspects of Amega is the way they are marketing their products. . This is done by word of mouth, people helping people, friends showing their friends. For anyone looking to create a second income this is the opportunity of a life time. An important part of building  your business is deciding which team that you join with. This will determine how quickly you become  successful.  You cannot build a team by yourself, no one can, everyone needs some help. That is why i think that there is only one group to join with  Amega Global and that is the  Amega Global Network  Marketing Polaris Group .  Those  guys know what they are doing in terms of Internet Marketing and offer some great deals on advertising, plus the option of posting your town on the Amega Global Worldwide  Directory .  This site is designed to help prospects find local support and become part of a group instead of working along and for that skeptic who needs to see it to believe it.

My name is Kathy Pleasance and I am one of the leaders  with the Polaris Marketing Team.  


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