So you want to increase the height of your jump manual.   You are anxious to start the jump training, but you are aware that you are not physically ready for such training.  If you are looking for a workout program for beginners who are interested to increase their vertical heights but are not ready for the full jump training program, then look no further.  These are some workouts you can try at your own pace. 

  1. Remember to begin every workout program with a warm up session, followed by thorough leg stretches.  Your purpose is to build those fast-twitch muscle fibers to create explosive jump results; therefore you must not skip leg stretching .  


  1. For cardiovascular workouts, you may start with jumping rope.  Skipping is a way to keep your heart fit and of course indirectly contributes to your jump plyometric training.


  1. You will want to build muscles through your workouts, therefore it is advisable to work some sprints into your program.  Sprints are not the only way to break down your muscle masses for more to be created later.  Running up the stairs often add a little more impact to your workout program.  And when you run, make sure that you are running up on your toes, and take great care not to injure yourself.


  1. Start with 3 sets of Elevated Jumps.  Begin workout by stepping onto a bench or a raised platform.  Stand firmly on the platform and leap backward, make sure that you land softly onto the ground.  Immediately bounce back onto the raised platform.  Do 3 sets of 10 repeats.


  1. Next, you continue with 3 sets of the Explosive Leg Jumps.  Place your right foot onto a raised platform.  Leap as high as possible by exploding off from your right leg.  Once you are up in the air, cross or scissor your legs, then when you land, make sure that your right foot is on the floor while your left foot is on the platform.  Do 3 sets of 10 repeats, with a 1-minute rest in between the sets.


  1. Do 3 sets of Double Jump higher by leaping into the air as high as you can, lifting both feet.  As soon as you land, jump up again without using much effort.  You will have to repeat this movement until you  have completed the 3 sets of 10 jumps.  

Be sure to practice a cool down session at the end of the workouts.  Allow your legs to rest for not less than two days a week.  You will be able to see results if you work out persistently.

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