Why Your Brain Needs Antioxidants

From your first minute to your last and for every microsecond in between , there are battles raging in every system in you .  There are easily millions of these conflicts happening at the same time and they have oxyradicals on one hand and antioxidants opposing them . They affect how long you live , your vulnerability to many different diseases and without question the quality of your vitality as a senior   .

A human brain is highly vulnerable to oxyradical damage because although it only accounts for about 2% of your body mass , about 20% of your oxygen is metabolized in your brain.  Free or Oxy-radicals – unstable oxygen molecules are caused by a variety of processes , but a major  cause is a natural and unavoidable off shoot of oxygen metabolization . Since a full fifth of your oxygen intake goes to your brain, it stands to reason that the cells in your brain will be subjected to a high number of free radicals.  

Inside your head is a large presence of Lipids. Lipids include fats, waxes, sterols and some fat soluble vitamins like E, A, D and K. Lipids store energy, they are  signaling molecules and are structural components of your cell membranes.  Lipid peroxidation is   free radical damage to Lipids and a reason for the importance of antioxidant supplements . 

Your defense against Lipid peroxidation within your brain is with antioxidants and at best from a group called the antioxidant network or network antioxidants ,  including Vitamins E, C CoEnzymeQ10, Glutathione and Lipolic acid .  Network Antioxidants function as a team to clear out free radicals from you brain and are also uniquely capable of repairing the others in the group .  Of the Network Antioxidants, the most powerful is Glutathione a.k.a. The Master Antioxidant. It is naturally manufactured in your body and are present in each and every cell. 

Surprisingly , your brain maintains lower levels of   Glutathione than do other organs and as you age , the natural supply is further depleted since our ability to produce Glutathione falls by around ten percent for each decade after our twenties .  But a brain must have Glutathione to be healthy.  Think about the part that Antioxidants play in connection with Alzheimer’s Disease – also known as senile dementia. 


There is a powerful correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease . In an August 2009 study conducted on laboratory rats , two same sized groups were purposely given aluminum toxins, but one of those groups was also supplied with antioxidant free radical scavengers.  One group experienced a dramatic increase in lipid peroxidation and a condition known as oxidative stress – which is the result of unchecked free radical damage.  Reduced glutathione and other network antioxidants were also noted . For the rats that were given the toxins along with the free radical scavengers, none of these changes were measured .

With it’s vulnerability to the creation of lipid peroxides a plentiful supply of antioxidants ( in particular Network Antioxidants and most specifically , Glutathione) is key to enjoying a healthy and functioning brain. While oral glutathione supplements are not considered to be effective, you can take a glutathione precursor like MAXONE .

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