Why WordPress Hosting Is Recommended For You

It is extremely easy to construct any blog or website by using the most uncomplicated techniques offered by WordPress hosting. It is wide-spread and popular as an open source CMS (Content Management System), which was originally created as a blog publishing application. However, it has gradually developed to serve innumerable purposes, owing to its variety of modules, themes, plug-ins and templates. Furthermore, it’s free, in spite of all its valuable features that can be used for social networking websites, news portals, communities, blogs, forums and several others. Apart from these features, it comes with excelling tools for organizing information before releasing articles.
The comprehensible templates of wordpress hosting that uses PHP script and MySQL database are advantageous for newcomers. Installation takes only a few minutes and there are hosting providers who can save your installation time, by offering it as pre-installed software. WordPress offers a blog web hosting option, which allows the creation of a sub-domain account, such as sitename.wordpress.com.
As a free blog developer, it comes with many beneficial characteristics, by being search-engine friendly, setting aside categories for multiple groups of articles, allowing a wholesome management of links, providing a clear permalink structure and allowing tagging of articles and posts. It is possible to include any type of media content, and any problem can be solved instantaneously as the community forum ensures that webmasters are constantly available. There is a multi-user option, which supports the functioning of multiple blogs in one installation, so that one administrator can manage all of them. Therefore, if you have a website, you can host your blogging community, and simultaneously control the blogs from one control panel.  

A noteworthy feature is the manner in which it handles spam, which is a real hassle for web servers. It has an add-on called ‘Akismet’, which is set by default, and helps manage spams well enough. Unique tools are continuously created by focusing on the current web standards, and its plug-in architecture is so lavish that users and web developers are able to increase its functional scope to reach far beyond its basic installation features. Furthermore, users are required to focus merely on their website content, since the design part is well laid out.
Released in the year 2003 by Matt Mullenweg, as a successor of b2/cafelog, WordPress is currently used by millions of websites, and is an unparalleled self-hosted blogging tool. As the user community contributes a lot to its documentation and coding, it can be customized as desired. As it uses an open source code, innumerable users are constantly working on it worldwide.

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