Why Kids Love Playing Motion Gaming

There was one item that was on many of our children’s Christmas wish list.  They must have a video game console hooked up to a television.  Those that do not have one often claim to be left out.  And the truth is that many kids do have a game system.


Manufacturers are always developing the next great thing.  Every manufacturer is trying too figure out what will be the hit for the next holiday season.  Companies today are developing systems that allow a person to control the actions with their own body.  There are three main systems for a person to choose from; the Nintendo Wii, the kinect, and the Playstation Move, and any child who is able to get their parents to buy one of these will find that they can provide hours of entertainment while also helping their child get a little more physical activity than they were getting in the past.  People are trying to understand exactly what is causing children to need to have these consoles.


Forty years ago gaming at home was not to complicated  One of the original gaming systems was called Pong and it did not do very much.  That game had very basic graphics.  As computers have gotten more powerful, the consoles have gotten better too.  A person can choose from a wide variety of titles that can be played on many systems.  A person will be able to find a game that they will like if the y look hard enough.  Playing the games in today’s world is very realistic.  There does not seem to be an end to how much the manufacturers can do.  The games have stories behind them and are designed for long term use.


One of the things that is not attracting people is the price of these systems but as evidenced by the rush of people who paid attention to the xbox 360 kinect, that does not seem to be too much of a problem and kids are able to find the money to buy the games despite their hefty price tag.


Children are able to use the new systems to become a true part of the action.  They can now swing a baseball bat, or run a race while playing video games.  The motion systems are improving the ability to translate the movement to the screen.  Rather than being a person controlling a shooter in a game, they have become the shooter.  Kids can become completely immersed in the game.


The dangers of childhood obesity are well documented.  By incorporating exercise into a video game a parent is going to see their kids being more physically active.  If kids can get additional activity while they are doing something they want to, that is a good thing.


Not everything about the new consoles is positive.  Game consoles become outdated somewhat quickly.  Companies are trying to figure out what the next fad will be.  Predicting the future hits is a difficult business.  The three big manufacturers have created a new way to play video games in a very short time.  The games are becoming more realistic with the passing of time.


The competition among kids to have the best video game is fierce.  The competition is fierce and children try to keep up with their friends as more new things are being introduced.  This means parents will continually hear from their kids that they need something new.  Kids want to have what it seems like everyone else has.  Everyone wants to be part of the crowd.  That might not always be the best thing, but it does happen.  Every Christmas will include the newest thing as long as companies are trying to claim the market.  Eventually the cycle switches to the kids growing up having to deal with the wish lists of their kids.The xbox 360 kinect price is 159.99 US Dollars


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