Why I Don’t Take Glutathione Supplements

If you’ve been spending much time lately researching where to find antioxidant supplements and how much to spend I can’t say that I blame you.   Nobody past the age of 30 really wants to get any older, so anything that will help stave off the ravages of time is worth checking into But what do you do when the # 1 antioxidant- Glutathione- doesn’t exist as a truly viable oral supplement?

What’s So Special About Glutathione .

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is manufactured in your body . Technically, it’s a combination of the amino acids glutamine or glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine and found in every cell of our body. That means it’s immediately available where it will be needed – one of glutathiones many special attributes.  But Glutathione is really much more than that.  

It’s known as   the Master Antioxidant and lacking it , better known but less important antioxidants, such as Vitamins C and E which are the most abundant fat and water soluble antioxidants we have won’t work to their maximum potential . Also , Glutathione helps in the repair of DNA, improves the functioning of the immune system and the detoxification of toxins from air and water pollution, along with many carcinogens and cigarette smoke . You system loves glutathione.

Increasing your serum levels of Glutathione is an important health improvement .  Studies have undisputably demonstrated that some of the most frequently cited diseases of aging , like Osteoporosis, Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are easily accompanied with a fall in Glutathione levels.

As we depart our twenties (and really start to need it !) our body slows down its production of Glutathione. This is why many well intentioned and health aware people are looking for information on  glutathione supplements.  But a supplement is not going to do the job .  

The issue is that for Glutathione to make it into the bloodstream and make it to the cells in our organs , it first must make it through our gastro intestinal system. But in its oral form , it’s destroyed.

But there are effective choices  available if you opt to raise your glutathione level and one of your alternatives is your diet .  You can eat 4-5 servings a day of the good vegetables and fruits like spinach, asparagus, avacodo and brocoli . Good food will help provide your body with more of whatit needs to make its own glutathione.  Other natural sources of the raw materials to help accelerate your Glutathione production include Milk Thistle, Whey Protein, Selenium and Turmeric.

The second option available is to take glutathione precursors, which are very specialized supplements with the supplies your body uses in order to boost its own natural production and over come one of the downsides of aging. MAX GXL from Max International is one product you could try.

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