Why everyone should try a juice fasting diet at least once

Fasting and Cleansing is critical because it helps your body to let go of the harmful toxins stored in ones body and body fat .  This really is very critical these days in light of the reason that a modernized day diet consists primarily on processed foods and sugars and we’re bombarded with environmental problems like smog and various other harmful toxins.~ There’s a good reason for this .  Fasting helps eradicate the constant harmful toxins that our bodies soak up from the food we ingest to the air we breath . }  In this blog post, I intend to show you several of the advantages of going on a temporary fast in addition to what happens in our bodies when we do fast. 
Why You Should Fast
When we eat, our bodies have to devote an incredible amount of energy digesting the food. . Our liver and kidneys get overloaded and as a result, toxins that would otherwise be filtered out, get moved into our blood stream and eventually wind up in our fat stores.   Inflammation is another problem that comes with eating.   Our bodies become ”inflamed” simply from the food we eat   .
A fast will give your body time to play catch up;  your immune system will be able to more effectively handle the inflammation and the detoxification center will be able to detoxify your body without anything new coming in.  .  Your Immune system works better as well, cleaning up points of inflammation.
What fasting does is cut off the incessant influx of toxins allowing your body to handle toxins already in your body…. If you go on a longer fast, like a 7 day fast, you will be able to remove even more toxins because your body will be using the fat in your fat stores…
How Long Should I Fast?
Time constraints is perhaps the biggest hurdle for starting a fast. The better option instead would be to take an extra day off and simply go on a 3-day juice fast. While this won’t completely eliminate an influx, it will limit the load of the digestion process and you will feel better after all is said and done .
The most ideal fast would be a 7 day fast but chances are time constraints and a job could hold you back.  Basically what happens here is you force your body to go into the fat reserves for energy.   When the fat is used for energy, the toxins are released into the bloodstream . .  In turn, the liver processes it and pushes it out of the body .
If you want to feel better, there is no better way than fasting and cleansing your body of toxins.   If time is an issue for you, then a 3-day fast may be the best alternative .  For those who want to really reverse the damage, they can choose to fast for seven days.

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