Why everyone should have a juice fast every now and then.

Fasting has been around since the dawn of civilization itself. Hippocrates, the ”father of modern medicine”, believed that fasting was the most effective way of keeping the body in a state of harmony and even today, the idea of a 3 day fast could go a long way to helping the body cope with modern day toxins that we get through environment and food.

Obviously, the issue is the fact that a fasting diet in today’s society isn’treasonable.  Most of us spend hours a day working and the thought of not eating when are co-workers are occupied feeding their stomachs during lunch may not be such a good plan.  Temptations happen and sooner than you know it, the 3 day fast has become a 12 hour diet.

Because of this, a more toned down model of a fast may be to drop the solid foods and just ingest ingredients which are very easily digestible and do not exert the digestive process.  In this case, a 3 day juice fasting diet could do the trick.  

 The Question is does it work though? 

Where a lot of people go wrong when they are starting a fasting program is usually that they start it cold turkey.  Fasting does have a couple of adverse effects, with the majority of people complaining about bowel problems.  The best way to stop this is to ease into a juice fast first by investing the first day or two ingesting only uncooked vegetables and fruits.  This might help the body prepare for a few days without solid foods.
What to drink on a fastStore purchasedjuices ought to be passed up on account of the additional preservatives and sugars in the juice alone.  You may also really want to water down the juice.  Try to remember, you are implementing this to cleanse your body;  any extra stuff other than the juice of the fruit itself will cause more pressure on the digestive system.  Drinking juice is just a way to help you manage the hunger pains associated with a fast.

The very best juices to take in are the kinds you probably aren’t familiar with.  Even though apple and orange juice may sound better you will want to add chorella, wheatgrass and other green vegetables into the blend.  The sweet fruits are made to help make it a lot more agreeable.  Apple juice could be coupled together with the vegetable juices.

Also, the short-term fast will only help with immediate problems.  For instance, a 3 day juice fast should help to speed the recoveryrecuperation of a recent illness and also is thought to help you purify the body.  In contrast, just implementing 2 more days will enhance the immune response.

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