What Is The Dosage Of Fish Oil For Kids With ADHD

With the current rising battle with ADHD, we are often searching for new choices to treat our children. The concerns with side effects of other medications are forcing many families to look into more pure treatments for health conditions such as ADHD. Over the last 3-5 years, many people are discovering that fish oil is helping equally well. Some children are responding to fish oil for kids much better than traditional medicine. Nevertheless, a number of neurologists are still finding the need to reduce the fish dosage for kids.

Omega 3 fatty acids for kids is a great source of nutrients. You will find only a few side effects from fish oil doses for children but the variations in size of the kids are making a big variation in their decisions. Listed below are a few side effects fish oil in adults after overdose upset stomach, diarrhea, increased gas, heartburn, abdominal pain, bloating, acid reflux.

While there happen to be some of the reported side effects above, many individuals are siding with fish oil dosages for children with ADHD rather than medicines like Ritalin. The side effects for other medications are much more severe like hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, or hostile and violent behaviors. fish oil doses for kids have not triggered any of these types of adverse side effects.

While there are many remedies offered for ADHD, the use of fish oil for kids with ADHD appears to be the most effective therapy in children. It’s much safer and more beneficial to use fish oil in relaxing, and handling signs and symptoms of ADHD.

There are many neurologists who really feel that the regular dose of fish oil, 1 gram, or 1000mg, is too high, and have altered the fish oil dose for children to 5 X1gm/d soft gelatin caps. They really feel that the lower dose will also help reduce the few signs and symptoms that fish oil causes. However, many still back the proven advantages of fish essential oil in individuals with ADHD.

Extra worries have been expressed when an abnormal amount of fish oil has been consumed.  You will find lots of worries from toxic pollutants in the fish used for fish oil supplements. In fish oil doses for kids, the level of these environmental toxins to be harmful is reduced. The smaller sized the child is the greater possibility of concern. Some physicians really feel the toxic levels are only inquired by those on greater doses. This is why the suggested day-to-day fish oil dosages for children are changing.

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