What is Amega Global’s Zero Point Energy

Everyone is confused when they hear the term ”zero point energy”. This is not surprising as this is scienctific  term.  Most people involved with marketing, sales, online business, arts, and any other fields aside from science, may not be familiar with it. To illustrate it though, try to view your finger under a microscope when you have a chance.  When you go far enough in viewing it, you will see that the protons, electrons, and neutrons are similar. If you go beyond that point, you will reach the sub atomic space.  The field is the space between the particles found in the sub atomic level.

 Everthing that you see gets it energy from the zero point energy field.   This is the energy that Amega Global has learned to resonate.  This is the energy that promotes cells to self heal. Take for example one of the products produced by the company, which is the Amega Global Wand.  Many people actually consider this product as a magic wand. However, what it is really doing is to remind the cells to go back to their perfect state, which is healing.   To say another way, zero point reminds the cells when they were in a homostasis  state.   With this being done, the cells begin to heal themselves and  you will become pain free.  This is not magic, this is pure science.

Because of this new technology made possible by the Amega Global Company, its products have created quite a stir in the market. You need to try it out, to believe all the benefits derived from this. Using the wand is very easy, all you need to do is point the wand at the body part in pain and rotate in a clockwise motion.   For instance, if you have knee pain, then you need to point the wand towards the part of your knee that is in pain. The wand by the way is shaped like a pen. Therefore, it is so easy to use because it is handy. It should be noted that, for maximum efficacy, the wand should be pointed to the object as near as possible. Once you have pointed it to the right direction, you will have to rotate it in a clockwise motion as all natural energy rotate that way.

The use of these products, which are believed to remind the objects pointed on to source back to the field, is not limited to humans only. As  ero point is natural energy it  has the same effect on your pets.   You can even wand your food making them more absorbent and in some cases even taste better. 

With the use of these products that will convince your cells to source back to zero point energy field, you become more energized. Overall, usage of products such as the ones produced by Amega Global will enhance your body’s coping mechanism, to stress and diseases.

Amega Global in new into the North American market, with their range of products and being in such demand, makes this the home business opportunity of choice. Timing is everything and with Amega being so new, it is the perfect time to join.    Amega Global products  are unique and will soon be found in every household with their wide selection. The Amega Global  Polaris Marketing Group  is an very active group on the net, one to consider joining for their great support,  Internet know  how and some free advertising benefits.  Polaris members may post their home town on the Amega Global Directory which is just one of the perks from this group.



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