Want to Get Pregnant Naturally With Twins

Have you ever thought about giving birth to twins and watching the  beautiful pair grow side by side sharing every joy of childhood together? It is now possible to conceive twins using various fertility drugs but these can be dangerous and can cause undesirable side effects. The best way to have twins is to go the natural way without taking any prescription drugs . Let me share with you a few tips and pointers on How to get a girl pregnant with twins which are time tested and have been in practice for centuries. 

  • <strong>Family History- This is a very important factor when it comes to getting pregnant with twins . If you have a history of twins in your family, then the chances of you too conceiving twins is extremely high. Another point is that it is generally seen that the birth of twins usually comes a generation apart. So it is more likely that you will be carrying twins if your grandparents had them.
  • Family History of your Spouse – This is also equally important as your own family’s gene pool . Getting married to a individual who has a strong family history of twins makes it easier for you to conceive the same.
  • Gain a little weight– It has been noted that women who are slightly on the plumper side tend to have twins. So put on a little weight to increase your chance of getting pregnant with twins. But make sure that you do not become obese to the point of being unhealthy. This can only complicate things further and make your pregnancy a tough time. Instead eat healthy but gain a little extra weight to be able to carry twin bundles of joy.
  • Make changes in your diet – Increased consumption of dairy products like milk, butter, cheese and yoghurt has been shown to increase the chances of conceiving twins. So include more of these in your day by day diet to ensure the arrival of twins .
  • Another tip on how to get pregnant with twins is to include wild yams in your diet. It has been proved that sweet potato or yam contains a chemical which is equal in composition to the female sex hormone, progesterone. Also, the skin of wild yam can cause hyper ovulation which will make your chances much higher.
  • The Age Effect– It has been seen that women who are in their middle to late thirties have more of a chance to give birth to twins than those who have offspring in their twenties. So, if your wish of having twins has to bear fruit, then prolong being a mother so that when you be, you have two little ones to love and cherish .
  • Keep Trying – This is no joke; studies have proven that if the more number of children that you have, higher are the chances of you getting pregnant with twins.

 Are these methods fool proof?  Most definitely not but what they can do is increase your percentages and thats what this is all about  .

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