Tree of Life

Moringa, frequently known as ”Miracle Tree, Horseradish Tree,  Ben Oil Tree” is regarded as to be the most nutrient plant at any time known to mankind.  Moringa by dynamics has more than 90 diverse substances which our body type can take in and retain us healthy.  Moringa leaves obtained from Moringa oleifera tree, as a health supplement supply 17 times the calcium in milk, 15 times the potassium in banana, 4 times the Vitamin A in carrot, 25 times the iron in spinach and half times the Vitamin C content in orange.  It has been applied nearly around the world as an outstanding super food source of nutrients, protein, amino acids and energy.  It is a natural health supplement packed with total compounds required by our body. 

Moringa oil is an crucial subtance in the elegance market as it enhances the items that it is combined into.  Moringa seeds have two sets of skinny flaps prolonging from the principal kernel of the seed products.  Moringa is really large in beta-sitosterol and associated substances, and this is a different superb reason to incorporate it in your diet.  Moringa oleifera  is the a lot nutrient-rich plant yet discovered.  This humble plant has been building strides in less-developed societies for 1000’s of years.  Moringa Oil is really valued for the unique attributes it carries. 

Moringa is finest known as an exceptional source of nutrition and natural energy booster. Moringa leaf powder is observed to be significantly stacked up with very crucial health supplements like nutritional vitamins and minerals. Moringa oleifera  normally known as Zogale in Hausa (Nigeria) is used each as a source of fruit and medicine.  Its seed products should germinate ideal if they are soaked first.  Moringa Oleifera is an exceptional nutritious vegetable shrub that grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas.   Moringa leaf powder is known for most countless well being benefits.


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