Treatments For Chocolate Cysts And Endometriosis

Chocolate cysts are a specific kind of ovarian cyst connected to endometriosis. The endometrium is the tissue which lines the inside of the uterus (or womb), and endometriosis is a condition in which the endometrial tissue embeds itself outside the womb.

During your regular cycle the cells inside this tissue multiply and swell throughout every month, and after that break down, prepared to be discarded during your menstrual cycle. With endometriosis, the tissue out of the uterus acts in exactly a similar way. When the inside layer of the uterus bleeds all through the menstrual cycle, these implants likewise bleed but since they are trapped inside the pelvic area, they can’t escape and so turn into patches of tissue called endometriosis.

In cases where this endometrial tissue implants itself within an ovary, then ovarian cysts normally develop. These areare actually called endometriomas, but are normally known as chocolate cysts, since the old blood they have looks like chocolate.

Symptoms of Chocolate Cysts

Typical indications of chocolate cysts and endometriosis include

– Excruciating periods – usually beginning several days earlier, and then lasting for the duration of the menstrual cycle
– Painful sex – normally the pain is felt deep in and continues for a couple of hours after sex.
– Pain in the lower stomach and pelvic area
– Problems becoming pregnant, for the reason that the passage of the egg from the ovary to the fallopian tube could be blocked

Treatment Choices designed for Chocolate Cysts

If you have chocolate cysts, the traditional treatment choices, as with essentially all the types of ovarian cysts, are the following

– Wait and see – no therapy in the hope that the cysts will resolve themselves
– Birth control pills – hormones could lessen the amount of oestrogen generated by the body, therefore can lessen the size of the endometriosis and the occurrence of chocolate cysts
– Surgery – either keyhole surgery (likewise known as laparoscopy) or in much more severe cases open surgery

These alternatives are really limited in what they could attain. Hormone treatment may bring about side effects, and an operation could be dangerous and leave unwanted scar tissues that could store up problems eventually.

More significantly, none amongst these approaches address the major causes of the cysts. They only treat the symptoms, not the cause, so even if the cysts do disappear or are taken out, there is every possibility that they will simply return over again eventually.

For a long-term cure for chocolate ovarian cysts, lots of women are deciding on the natural holistic approach. This is successful on the belief that all the ovarian cysts are an indication of root problems in the body. The answer therefore is not toto not attack the cysts, but to address these underlying problems and restore the body’s natural balance.


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