Tips To Cure Excessive Sweating Naturally

The first line of defense in curing excessive sweating includes antiperspirants, normally prevent sweating minimize your body odor. There is an active ingredient in antiperspirants, which is aluminum chloride hexahydrate that does the job.

Extreme caution must be taken though as this ingredient is know to cause irritation of the skin and can also damage certain types of clothings.

* Another prescription medication such as glycopyrrolate, is used to prevent the stimulation of yoru sweat glands. While this method can be very effective, there are certain side effects associated with it such as dizzines and dryness of your mouth.

* Lontophoresis is also another method that answers the question of how to eliminate excessive sweating once and for all. There’s some electricity involved that temporarily shut down the sweat glands; this alternative works best for hands and feet. The electric current is gently passed through some water in which your hands and feet are submerged for at least twenty minutes. Side effects associated with this mode of treatment may involve blisters or cracking of the skin.

* Severe underarm sweating also requires a more rigorous treatment through Botox. Doctor will inject a large dosage of the botox solution into your armpits that will block the nerves that stimulate excessive sweating.

Botox injections are also used in other areas to cure excessive sweating. While botox is effective, it is also a bit painful and may cause a bit of weakness when performed.

* The last treatment in line is ETS that stands for Endoscropic Thoracic Sympathectomy. It refers to a minimally-invasive surgical procedure, which involves cutting off the signal that tells the body to sweat excessively. The process runs like this: The surgeon locates the nerve, which is the cause of the overactive sweat gland; and, finally removes it.

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