Tinnitus Remedies That You Should Not Try

With millions of tinnitus sufferers in existence, it would be incredible not to find many strange, whacky and downright unsafe tinnitus remedies being shared.  When you have as many desperate individuals as you do with this health problem, they’re easy targets for anyone stating they can offer comfort from the ringing in the ears that drives sufferers insane.  Individuals who can’t sleep for the sound they hear and find their jobs, and in many cases relationships, becoming too difficult – they will try just about anything to make it go away.

Ear candling is one of those tinnitus remedies that those coping with with the issue long term will try.  This refers to placing a funnel shaped object in the ear and puffing smoke from a lit wick to draw out ear wax and whatever other impurities that are apparently within the ear. Some people even use cigarette or pipe smoke to puff into the cone shaped object. Believers of this practice swear that it creates a small vacuum which pulls out the wax and any other things. Other people think that the heat of the smoke will melt any trapped wax and by tilting their head to their side, the wax will slide out. Needless to say, this is a bunch of gibberish without basis in science.  It can be unsafe with the most frequent accidents being burns from hot candle wax but there have also been situations of eardrums being perforated in the course of the process. A punctured ear drum is sort of impossible to fix. The only way to fix it is thru a surgical process which often times, the end result is not so pleasing.

Other hazardous tinnitus remedies often involve herbal concoctions, at times quite a complex combination.  With some supposed cures, you’re told to clean out the ear canal using the solution.  With others, you are actually supposed to drink the concoction and it’ll in some way magically repair whatever is creating the tinnitus.  The majority of the sufferers think these solutions are innocent since they’re herbal in nature but a lot of herbals can cause unwanted or even harmful side effects. Only a doctor with sufficient experience in this field should offer such concoctions.

It is important that you keep away from these unsafe treatments as the end result might be worse than your present condition. It is possible to end up losing the capability to hear completely. It can also make your existing condition worse. However, there is an all natural cure that hundreds, if not, thousands of individuals have used to find ever lasting peace from, the non stop noise.

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