Thermal lake lake in Heviz, Hungary

It’s already 20 centuries, since people are aware of the curing force of the thermal lake in Heviz , the most extensive biologically active natural thermal lake in the World that lies in the Transdanubian region of Hungary, near Lake Balaton.

Around 1790,  the first spa house was finished, actually nothing more than a timber building. The nice-looking bath architecture that you can see now was built around the middle of the 19th century. The blooming era of the bath started in the turn of the century when many hotels and restaurants were put up around Heviz and tourism began to boom. Now, you can find a lot of accommodation in Heviz, part of them with identical curative therapy as the Heviz bath. These are to heal mostly rheumatic and locomotor diseases.

It is allowed to bathe in the Heviz lake any time of year, since it’s temperature hardly ever descends below twenty degrees. The flow of the spa spring is so abundant, that the pond is fully refreshed every 3 days, that makes the water particularly pure. The termal water contains many important minerals, such as radium and sulphur. The mineral mud of the lake bottom carries a famous healing effect, as well.

The thermal bath complex, – built on the lake – allows indoor bathing in several medicinal pools offering bubble bath and physiotherapeutic bath, and so on. The state-of-the-art hospital near the spa offers medical supervision for the visitors with unique therapy plan that can be highly efficient in treating some problems.

The environment of the Heviz lake can be called alluring. A tempting forest park environs the thermal lake with waterlilies. This beautiful atmosphere enhances health improvement and relaxation, too.

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