The Lack of This One Thing Will Bring On Premature Aging

A doctor or cosmetic dentist Warrenville IL will explain precisely how essential vitamin C is ideal for your body’s health generally, as well as for your gums and teeth. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is really a ubiquitous water-soluble vitamin that is important for growth and restoration of tissues in several areas of the body, and therefore is one of the key vitamins. Because it is water soluble it is not totally kept in the body, and excess quantities pass out with the urine. You therefore need a constant intake from the vitamin to supply demand. Ascorbic acid is required for collagen production, and for the repair and maintenance of cartilage material, bone tissues, and also the healing of wounds.


Vitamin C, like E and beta-carotene, just happens to be an anti-oxidant, helping to stop damage caused by free radicals that are continually being generated as by-products in our daily normal metabolism. The gradual accumulation of these by-products may be among the reasons for aging, and of particular diseases like cancer, heart disease and long-term inflammatory ailments like arthritis. Vitamin C along with other anti-oxidants also aid in reducing harm brought on by dangeroushazardous toxins,pollution like smoke from cigarettes, and the sun’s rays.


Vitamin C is fortunately available in the food we consume, especially in vegetables and fruits. Good causes of vitamin C are citrus fruits, green peppers, bananas, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, cantaloupe melons, mango, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, raspberries, and blueberries. So-called “superfruits” such as acai berry and the exotic goji berry are very full of vitamin C content, and their juice is vigorously publicized for its health advantages.


The generally approved daily dose of vitamin C is 75-90 mg, but some, notably the famous Linus Pauling, have said that a significantly higher daily dose as high as 1 gram a day is effective. It is known that vitamin c has virucidal properties and some nutrition experts have suggested that high doses ought to be taken at the first indications of a cold or flu virus, and that high doses of vitamin C could even work in countering strains such as bird flu. There’s a suggestion that ascorbic acid might be given intravenously to halt the spread of a tumor in some cases.


It’s tricky to truly overdose on vitamin c since it is constantly excreted, but high doses can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Of greater concern is the potential of people suffering a relative lack of vitamin C because of a typical pattern to rely on an excessive amount of fast foods these days, and the suggestion that many don’t ingest sufficient daily amounts of fruit and vegetables.


A serious insufficient ascorbic acid is known as scurvy, and it is rarely seen nowadays, but a lesser deficiency may have noticeable effects for example dry hair that splits easily, inflammation of the gums with bleeding when they are even lightly touched, rough, dry skin, poor wound healing, easy bruising, nosebleeds, and a decreased resistance to infection. The less noticeable effects of ascorbic acid deficiency connect with the body’s reduced ability to replace collagen and generally reduce the chances of the ravages from the environment. In other words, an insufficiency of ascorbic acid on the long period of time will probably encourage premature aging, specifically in smokers and sun worshippers.


A cosmetic dentist Warrenville IL has the capacity to see the signs of gum inflammation, which is often because of poor oral hygiene, allowing bacterial plaque to amass, but which sometimes is due to deficiencies in adequate levels of ascorbic acid. Some signs of poor health are occasionally evident in the mouth, which is just one of several reasons why you should call at your dentist regularly for dental consulting and examination appointments.

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