The 4 Most Important Features Of A Massage Chair

Massage chairs like almost any product with options  are those that come with many features or bonuses if you would want to call it that way. Do you want to know what those features are ? If yes, then go ahead and read on.

Massage Features

Contrary to what most people know, massage chairs nowadays do not just vibrate. Now you can find units that simulate the a real massause whose hands can do the kneading, rolling, where the chiars rollers simulate these very actions  . And if those are not enough, you can also find chairs that do shiatsu, deep tissue massage and reflexology.

What are those massages you ask?  In this article you will learn to recognize those massages  .

  • Shiatsu Massage – this is a known to help specific areas in the body that need that extra deep massage  . Shiatsu is commonly done for full body ease and relief from stress.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – as implied, this type of massage targets the muscles from within. The aim of the masseuse doing this is to meliorate the elasticity of the tendons while elongating the muscles as well.
  • Reflexology – unlike the two massages mentioned,reflexology is somewhat different because it is usually done on the hands and feet only. People who practice this follow the popular belief that major organs like the heart, liver and lungs are connected to the extremities. And by working on those connections/ pressure points, the masseuse doing reflexology will be able to stimulate the major organs as well.

Therapeutic Features

Some massage chairs also offer you therapeutic effects like seat heating system. According to some research, seat warming function is very beneficial for those who are suffering from arthritis or constant body pain this is because the slightly heated seat and recliner will help them ease the pain caused by symptoms of the said problems 

Relaxation Features

Apart from the massage features, most chairs are also equipped with additional bonuses that allow the person using it to relax further. And those features include built in low relative frequency stereo speakers that allow you to listen tosoft  music and/ or nature sounds. The other units on the other hand have surplus soft padding or cushions that allow you to comfortably sit on them and perhaps take a short nap if you want to.

Accessibility Features

Since the selling point of most massage chairs are comfort and relaxation, a lot of manufacturers strive to not only provide a soft seat to their customers but something that their clients can easily use and adjust according to their needs and wants.Most units will include a remote control to aid in the ease and relaxation of your massage therapy session ï»¿and the remote   will allow the user to change massage settings and/ or program their chairs to start and stop without having to stand up.

Those are the features that you can find in several massage chairs in the market today.Note however that not all units have everything. The number of features you can find in the unit usually depends greatly on its price and the of course the manufacturers as well.


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