Techniques for Weight Training That Will Make Your Muscles Explode

Why do most guys (and some women) start working out? Simple; to build buscle fast. Ask 9 guys out of 10 and that’s theoir reason for hitting the heavy iron . Can they achieve their goal, though. As with everything, the enswer is a qualified ”maybe”. Yes, everyone can build bigger muscles with the proper training and nutrition. We’re not all created equally however, despite what the Constitution says.  Some people just have genetics that enable them to build more muscle, faster, than other people. There is just nothing we can do about it. What you can do though, is to train such that you are packing on the beef as fast as you possibly can.

So, what’s the trick? How can you ensure that your precious training sessions maximize effiectiveness, while minimizing the time you ahve to spend in the gym? What works for most people is high intensity training, also known as HIT. It isn’t new. On the contrary, this kind of training was popularized by bodybuilder Mike Mentzer in the 1970’s. What is it? . It is a medium – low rep / high weight, high volume, high intensity training program, coupled with exceptional nutrition , and enough sleep each night will have even the hardest gainers packing on pounds of muscle. You can use this kind of training for a football workout, a beach body workout, or just to cut fat and look better (and you will).

The Right Program to Build Muscle Fast

the sad fact is that most workouts just plain lack intensity . You have to workout until you reach complete muscular failure if you want to the massive growth that will have heads turning. Your muscles have to be literally shocked into doing what you want, which is grow like Iowa corn.

Compound movements to failure stress the maximum mamount of muscle in the shortest amount of time. That means you spend less time int he gym, and more time growing. Make sure you always take it to absolute failure, except on the warm up sets . It is that extra rep or three that your training partner forces out of you that makes your muscles grow. You almost have to use a training partner to ensure safety, and the added intensity that will force your growth. Another plus to using a training partner is the competition aspect. If you are both competitive, you’ll drive each other to greater heights.

Use sets of between 4 and 7 reps to failure, then add a rep or three on top of that. Use full range of motion. All too often I see people training that don’t do this . For example, when bench pressing, these miusguided folks don’t lower the bar all the way to their chests. They  stop about a fist or so higher. I’m sorry, but that just doesn;t make a good bench press rep. . You are missing a large part of the benefit by lifting this way. If you are using this as a training technique to allow for the use of greater weight on some of your sets , that is one thing. Many people simply lift this way all the time, however .

The key lifts for success are: bench presses, dead lifts, power cleans, squats, overhead presses, dips, and wide grip pull down / ups. They are all great overall mass builders. Don’t worry about smaller muscle groups or sculpting the perfect shape yet. You can’t shape what you don’t have. Focus on adding mass now. After all, you only have a few months until summer .

Wait about only 90 seconds between sets, don’t hang around the gym gawking at the beautiful people. Pretty soon you’ve let 5 minutes go between sets. Make sure you don’t over train. Give your body 5 – 7 days between training each body part so it can recover, which is when your muscles actually get built .

Nutrition to Build Muscles Fast

Nutrition rule number one; stay away from refined sugar, but make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and good fats. People I work with have had great results building muscle and keeping off the fat by using a calorie ratio of roughly 40% protein, 35% good fats (high in unsaturated and Omega-3 fatty acids, very little saturated fats, zero trans fats), and 25% complex carbohydrates.

Eat at least 5 small meals per day, and 6 if you can. Use high quality protein with each meal, being careful to have some after training sessions, in the morning, and before bed. Fish, eggs, whey protein powder, chicken, and some occasional red meat all work very well. Recent studies have pointed to the importance of eating 3 – 5 servings of sugar free yogurt as an important part of gaining muscle and burning fat. In fact, people gained muscle almost 1-1/2 times better when eating yogurt than without! . It is believed that the calcium and other nutrients in the yogurt promote both fat loss and muscle gains. Interestingly, calcium supplements and many other sources of calcium do not seem to share this effect .

The advice here can have you packing on the mass like never before. Remember train hard, but leave plenty of time for recovery and growth. Don’t neglect the proper nutrition, either . It is absolutely essential to build muscle fast. Make sure you eat easy healthy meals. That way you can be sure that you get the nutrition you need to grow.

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