Stop Your Yeast Infection Permanently By Cleansing Candida

So you have heard about Candida cleanses but may be wondering what they are and how they actually work.

In a nutshell, cleansing Candida is a whole body approach that is designed to get rid of your yeast infection for good.

Why should I look at a program for cleansing Candida when there are so many other easy options available for curing my infection?

I sure know what you mean. The last thing that you want to think about is a long term solution when you feel like a whole nest of mosquitoes is making their home somewhere on your anatomy!

Whether it is garlic, cider vinegar, Monistat, Canestan or yogurt, we either slap it on by the tablespoon or swallow it by the cupful until we begin to feel a bit better.. Then do you know what most of us do? Most of us will leave it there, we will stop treatment and wont give our infection another thought. We assume that just because the pain is gone that the infection is cured. Regrettably there are reports that up to 95% of us that do this get hit with a returning infection soon after.

Many of these cures are brilliant for getting rid of those symptoms quickly but, none of them are actually focussing on the underlying problem, which is where a program for thoroughly cleansing Candida from our system is essential.

What makes cleansing Candida so important?

Lets think about this for a minute. In a healthy body the good bacteria control the Candida. When we get those horrible symptoms it is a sign that the yeast has managed to break through the bacterias defenses . It will have mutated into the Candida fungus, is now feeding off live tissue and multiplying at a great rate. If you have a recurrent infection then this scenario has been happening over and over, so your Candida will be very strong!

Because this is affecting your whole system, you need an approach that doesnt just deal with the symptoms that you can see or feel, but that also addresses the underlying problem.

Does the Candida diet play a part in cleansing Candida?
Just like your anti-fungal treatments, the Candida diet is one of the key elements in getting control of your infection. Together they make up the first stage in cleansing Candida.

So what does a program for cleansing Candida do?
A good quality program for cleansing Candida will focus on;

  • giving you relief from your symptoms
  • exterminating the fungus
  • repairing the damage thats been done and
  • fixing the immune system properly so that this doesnt happen again!

Is there a system for doing a Candida cleanse?
Cleansing Candida can be done following 5 steps;

Step 1 – Killing the fungus
This is done first by starting the on Candida diet. This is basically a way of killing the fungus by starving it of all its usual foods like sugar, carbohydrates and mold.

Once the Candida has been weakened you can begin adding anti-fungal supplements to your diet..

Step 2 – Taking away the toxic waste;
As the Candida has been moving through your system it has been releasing over 70 dangerous chemicals like ethanol and formaldehyde. Now that the Candida is gone, these chemicals remain and need to be removed separately.

Step 3 – Eradicating parasites and heavy metals
Heavy metal and parasites can be directly attributed to our Candida outbreak for two reasons; they may have placed too much pressure on our immune system or they have accumulated to such a degree that they have stopped you being able to absorb the essential nutrients that you need to remain healthy.

Step 4 – Healing your immune system
With all the toxins that are getting eliminated and flushed through your system your liver and kidneys will need some extra support so that they can begin to work more efficiently.

Step 5 – Lifestyle changes.
This involves making small lifestyle changes that will help to keep you healthy and prevent another overgrowth happening. Many of these will have become second nature during the course of the program.

While all these may seem like massively hard work there are a few simple programs designed to teach you how to cure Candida permanently using natural remedies. Go to for more answers.


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