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Amega Global Business Opportunity

2006 was the eventful year when Amega Global Company was launched.  This kind of company specializes in marketing certain products that promote the health and general well being of people around the world.   Amega products  are now sold around the world, specializing in health and wellness. These products  are unique, no one in the world can duplicate the zero point energy field.   The company was founded on four pillars of wellnes,  personal development, environmental wellness, physical wellness and financial wellness.    The products that it manufactures are used to tap the natural healing capabilities of the human body. With its use, the body of the consumer will achieve general wellness and rid him of the ailments that he used to experience.   These products offer protection from e-smog such as cell phones and telephone lines.  

Amega products  emit what is known as the zero point energy, as name by Albert  Einstein in 1913.   This energy  promotes the cell into self  healing.  All the products they produced carry this capability. The products they offer include  therapy bracelets, energy powders, massage oils, facial creams and water filtration.  With the use of these products, Amega Global provides a health and wellness option to people   that revolves around the balance at the molecular level of the body, as well as how it is related to the environmental conditions.

Amega  offers a unique business opportunity for people looking to earn a residual income. Any person can promote and sell the products manufactured by Amega. If you want to become one of the company’s product sellers or promoters, you will become a member of its community. You will earn through a binary compensation plan which is said to help people earn in a total of 8 ways. Many people have enrolled themselves into this program and have attested that the payment plan is very fair and quite similar to other successful companies in the same industry.

To join the company as a distributor, you will have to shell out a minimum investment. Such an investment though, will go a long way if you just spend time on the program, as well as provide it with much effort. If you want to start at the beginner level though, all you need to invest is $45. However, if you are more serious to earn substantial amounts of income through this business opportunity, you can invest as much as $900 for it.

  Amega is  being widely promoted on the Internet, upon joining you will receive your own website and first class support for the new user.  There is a marketing site called Wand The World which is also recommended to join, that has a ton of videos and testimonies of Amega. 

You should not worry though since Amega Global Company as mentioned on top, will provide you with the necessary assistance in starting out your business. With that, and its amazing products, you should be able to attain success if you are committed enough.  Joining Amega is only have the story, you really need to join with a group of marketers who are active and willing to go the extra mile to help you with your networking questions. For this reason we strongly suggest the Amega Global Network Marketing Polaris Group, there is no other group like them on the net. Polaris members also get the bonus of being able to post their home town on the Amega Global Wall.


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