Restless Leg Syndrome And Massage Chair Therapy

Have you frequently felt that your leg just doesn’t feel comfortable whichever way you view it? If so, then you might be suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome, and there are proven techniques which will give you near-instantaneous relief.  When you find that your leg feels like it has  shooting pains through out for no reason, or it feels tingley like it’s been asleep you will find that you fit they symptoms for this syndrome. 

A massage chair helps your body’s tired and sore muscles to decompress and de-stress and often helps in curing certain problems. Of specific benefit may be the massaging ottoman of the popular massage chairs.  The marvellous thing about massage chairs is the ability the ottomans have to massage your calf muslce, your leg muscles and even hit the fine details of your ankles.  These problems include those suffering from restless Leg Syndrome or RLS. Often those suffering from the Restless Leg Syndrome are unable to sleep at night as their symptoms flare up excessively later at night. RLS may be caused by a variety of factors including vitamin deficiency, high caffeine or salt intake or even a previous injury to the legs.

To date RLS has been treated by medical practitioners with sleep inducement drugs and painkillers, but those who might be willing to experimentation with alternative healing techniques and not pump their body full of chemicals, may find relief through massage based therapy, like a massage chair recliner. It is evermore advisable to seek holistic or natural methods of healing your body which try to treat the cause rather than traditional western medicine which merely tries to remove the symptom. Alternative healing methods are preferable as they have no side effects and do not harm the body in any manner. 

Massage, when applied to the lower limbs of a patient who is experiencing a lot of discomfort, helps to increase blood circulation to that area and that might in turn help to repress the irritating sensations in that area. A qualified masseuse will also offer suggestions for home treatment, along with the massage therapy, like ice packs, hot water baths and compresses, and massage chair recliners with massaging ottomans, depending on the kind of complaint. When you have proper blood circulation the joints become more flexible and cells are able to replenish in a faster rate thus healing the body from the within out. 

 Restless Leg Syndrome patients often seek massage based therapy as a supplement to their existing therapy and may already be on medication like pain killers. They however need to be careful as often medication like pain killers have a lot of side effects and they also need to affirm whether massages may be counter productive to the medication they might be taking. However it is also important to remember that prescription drugs can merely mask the symptoms and only give temporary relief as they do not try to tackle or cure the problem at hand. Massage chair therapy is totally safe and can be used by anyone, as massages do not have any side effects on their own.

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