Remedy a Sinus Virus at Home Naturally?

Knowing that in the past I’ve been suceptible to those little bugs (actually bacteria) that get into my sinuses causing a sinus disease. Good thing I’ve become quite experienced at how to handle these infection of the sinus for myself with a more natural approach than conventional medicine. These are some of the resources I used to help me get rid of my nasal sinus infection with natural products.

Approaching my healing in a more natural way is preferred more than…
”Head and neck surgeons at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital are employing a minimally-invasive means of treating chronic sinusitis and clearing blocked sinus passageways. Jefferson otolaryngologists are performing sinuplasty utilizing a balloon-tipped catheter, which is threaded over a guidewire and inserted via the nose and to the sinus cavity. The procedure, recognized as balloon sinuplasty, is developed, to open up sinus drainage pathways.” – ScienceDaily

Though I believe in some extreme cases a sinus medical proceure might possibly be needed, I prefer to take the angle of a holistic approach and if they do not work, then I may think of a medical method. The processes listed in this article have been approaches that have been shared with me and have provided good results for me, but that does not mean for you to go out and try them. Check with your own health professionals to make an educated decision.. This procedure is in no way intended to be taken as advice nor does it make any type of claims that it will heal you in any way. That being said, here we go:

Very first, is realizing the notion that if I irrigated my nasal passage which has a saline or colloidal silver solution, this could service the method. Personally I liked to use Silver Shield from and it worked well for me. This is a thing that I did while in the morning and the evening, just before going to bed.

Also, just before going to bed I put to use Eucalyptus Essential Oil (and R.C. essential oil, I got this a single from Young Living) in 1 of two methods. It all depended on how lazy I got. If I made the time, then I boiled some water in a cup and placed about 8 drops of each with the oils to the cup, and allowed them to dissapate their fragrance within the room. If I forgot or didn’t make time to heat up the water, then I basically applied the oils put 4 drops of each in my hands and rubbed them on my shirt and then massaged the bottoms of my feet with the oil just just before going to bed. Both methods seemed to support a great deal.

Infection of the sinus reminders I like to give myself are

1. Yellow, green, or dark phlegm.
2. Swelling and pain during the eyes, nose, or throat.
3. Coughing, sneezing, and sinus drainage.
4. headaches and also the occasional fever

Fortunately by having done what I did to support my body it seemed that just as quickly as the infection had set in, it was gone. I trust that these resources will support your health.

Bear in mind, that all this info is intended to be educational, it isn’t intended to treat or replace your doctor. Please make responsible decisions and enjoy a healthy life.

Some additional resources that may be of support to you are:* Swine Flu kit and recommendations suggested by Dr. Pedersen.
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