Proactol Scam: Truth Or Bad Press?

If you are reding this, then I guess you’ve heard of the Proactol scam going around. You want to know if this is accurate right?

Before we answer that query, what do you think is the right answer? If you think that it is a legit and efficient product, then it is best for you to go to their website now and get your supply for this month or the next. But if you think that it is nothing more than merely another pill that offers tons of empty promises, then let me tell you that you have heard wrong.

Proactol is a clinically proven product which helps one slim down and at the same time reduce his or her blood cholesterol. And this comes with no unwanted effects.

 As an all natural product extracted from the cactus “Opuntia Fiscus-Indica”, it offers its user a safe way to lose those undesirable pounds naturally, and safely. Proactol gets rid of excess weight and decreases your blood cholesterol through soluble and non soluble fibers found in its dried up cactus leaves.

How do fibers help you lose weight?
 Once the fibers enter our system, they quickly tell the brain that the stomach is full. Using this method, you will lessen your appetite to eat and you won’t feel hungry.
What about the non-soluble fibers? 

Non soluble fibers on another hand take on a bit more specialized approach. Once it enters our bodies, it looks for fatty food and instantly encases them in a gel like substance. The goal of this gel is to provide some sort of defensive coating which blocks the fat enzymes from being absorbed by our bodies. By preventing the absorption of fat into our system, the chances of extra weight is reduced.

 So to put it basically, Proactol works in two ways. It cutbacks your appetite, and keeps in balance the fat content being soaked up by your body. Now I may not be a health expert, but I think the process that this product does to ensure weight reduction is as effective as the airbags on my Volvo.

 If you need more evidence to discredit those Proactol scam reviews, let me give you some.

 It is scientifically confirmed! 
It is so by 5 major health clinics. It passed all the guidelines set by the FDA and the EU Directive. This alone supports how good it is because of the support by both healthcare institution on each side of the Atlantic. 

Its 100% organic!

It is safe because it is not chemical-based. The main ingredient is Neopuntia which is found in the cactus. In the 90’s a study by BIO SERAE led to showiung the lipophilic ability of the ingredients. It effectively stopped fat assimilation.

 Cash Back Guarantee 

The makers of Proactrol are self-confident enough about the effectivity of their creation that they are not only giving a 1, but a 4 month guarantee or a refund! Now if that is not a good deal, I don’t know what is.

 So, do you still believe those Proactol scam stories? I sure trust not. Because if you still are, you are missing on one great product. 

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