PCOS Natural Treatment Options And Pregnancy

You have had ovarian cysts; you have never had a normal menstrual cycle; you tendare likely to grow excess hair on the body; and at the moment you cannot seem to be able to conceive. Clearly, something is wrong. After seeking medical advice, you are presently living with a PCOS diagnosis.

PCOS is otherwise known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. But, what you like to know is the diagnosis about general health, getting rid of the cysts, and optimistically conceiving a baby sooner or later. Hence, you want to be reassured that you can have a normal life.

In other words, a woman who has PCOS produces much more of the male hormone than usual. It can cause a host of health problems – several of them serious. Thus, it is important to continue seeing a medical doctor. You would have better odds regarding weight problems, diabetes, heart problems, and more. However, if you notice probable health issues, and really take care of your body, you would be better off comparred to most people who are clueless regarding their health.

However, if you ever hope to get pregnant and have kids, you must normalize your body and probably get rid of the ovarian cysts. The medical doctor would likely prescribe birth control pills so as to normalize the hormone levels and promote regular cycles. Sadly, the hormone treatment likewise prevents pregnancy.

Next, if the  PCOS treatment is stopped, the unpleasant symptoms of PCOS come back, and the cysts are back on the ovaries. Thus, the medical doctor can suggest surgery to remove the cysts. After that, he she would suggest fertility treatment choices to promote ovulation. However, this is where the probability of multiple births is discussed, and the cysts are expected to return.

Because around 10 percent of women have PCOS and no one really understands the cause, those women deciding on holistic remedy are growing in number. Doctors already know that eating properly is part of managing PCOS. In addition, a lot of women testify that the natural method has eliminated their body of cysts, without reoccurrence. No synthetic medication, no surgical procedure, and a healthier body seem like the best alternative for numerous women.

Therefore, it is your body, your choices. Take care of yourself, and do what is necessary to stay healthy. However, in addition, treat the root cause of your PCOS rather than just the indications. The only way to achieve this is by taking a natural holistic method, regaining your natural internal balance, and eliminating yourself of your PCOS permanently. It truly has worked for numerous women all-around the globe, and it can be successful for you as well.


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