Ovarian Cyst Symptoms – Are You Suffering From An Ovarian Cyst?

Ovarian cyst symptoms can be disturbing to you.  These terrible afflictions can not only take a toll on your marriage and your family, they can make you miss work and no longer be able to participate in activities that you once enjoyed.

If you are one of the millions of women who experience these afflictions then I like to offer you some hope, you can not only reduce the symptoms and the cyst, you could actually get rid of the problem all together, and in as little as two months.

Before I go in to the treatment options available to you I am first going to go over what is an ovarian cyst and the symptoms that you may be experiencing.  First off an ovarian cyst is a tiny amount of fluids that collect together under a thin wall that lies in the ovaries.  These growths can be really small, like a pea, or large, comparable to an apple.

Millions of women all around the globe suffer from these growths and it is in fact so common that practically all women in the U.S. will go through at least one sometime before they start menopause and approximately 15 percent of women will have at least one after menopause.

Some comfort for you, ninety five percent of these cysts are harmless and not a cancer.  Nevertheless, you still should see your physician as soon as possible.  As far as the symptoms go, I am going to go over them now and tell you a little bit concerning each one.  Remember though, some women might suffer from one or some of these while other women might not suffer from any of them at all.

The most common ovarian cyst symptoms are dull aches and pains.  These take place on one or both sides of the lower part of the abdomen or the lower back, the upper thighs, the vagina, and the pelvis.  They can be constant or they could be infrequent.  They could even come in the form of sharp and sudden pains in whatever of the areas that have been mentioned.  A lot of women have likewise reported fullness, swelling, or bloating in the abdomen.

Several of the more basic ovarian cyst symptoms are: tiredness, sickness, queasiness, weight increase, tenderness in the breast, irregular periods, pain during intercourse, pain directly before, after, and during pregnancy, and bloating.

Other women have reported feeling pain in their ribs, a pain which feels almost muscular in nature, while others still have noted that they had trouble urinating and felt that they could not fully empty the bladder.  Headaches and increased level of hair growth not only on top of the head but likewise on the face and body are also really common.

If you are experiencing whatever of these ovarian cyst symptoms then you ought to go to your medical doctor immediately.  Howver, conventional treatments can be costly and at times do not even work, for this reason many women opt to go the more natural method and opt to treat these problems without any drugs or operation.

With the all natural method you can not only ease the symptoms, you could likewise eliminate the cyst altogether in as little as 2 months.  A lot of women even see relief in as little as three days.  If you want relief for your ovarian cyst symptoms and for the cyst itself then the natural way is the way to go.

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