Now the hype is dying down, what about the Acai

The Acai berry has been an essential element in the diet of the Amazonian tribes people for hundreds of years. Happily able to grow easily and uncared for, acai fruit is abundant and has proved vital for their survival, as it is filled with antioxidants – especially essential for the tribes people living in the Brazilian rainforests, devoid of the range of naturally available foodstuffs that we in the western world can grow.

Research has shown why this small purple acai berry has gained such an important place in the diet of these remote people.

Acai helps improve your general health

Acai’s natural nutritional content is packed with super-antioxidants and essential minerals, which naturally support good health. The regular use of Acai berries helps to promote better digestion (with a side effect of some weight loss), stabilizes blood pressure, boosts energy and above all fights anti-aging.

Acai may fight cancer and chronic disease

Research is continuing to show that acai helps fight free radicals which attack the body. These free radicals can cause serious issues such as cancer and damage your DNA. The high antioxidant content of acai fights these free radicals and helps protect the body against further harm.

Protection against cardiovascular diseases

Acai is rich with essential fatty acids. These healthy fatty acids increase the level of good cholesterol in the body and at the same time reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. They also increase the absorption capacity of essential vitamins A, D, E and K in the blood. Plant phytosterols are also abundant in the acai berry. These phytosterols check the assimilation and piling up of bad cholesterol on the walls of the intestine, amongst other vital roles.

Acai supports the digestive process

Acai berry is also a rich source of healthy enzymes. These enzymes not only support the process of digestion but at the same time prevents constipation and acidity – a vital thing in these days of processed foods.

The main challenge with the acai is that it loses it’s nutritional content from 24 hours after being harvested. That is also the reason why this fruit has only been well known and enjoyed within the Amazon rain forests.

However thanks to modern technology and the rapidly growing discoveries about the potential health benefits of acai, acai has been made available to the rest of the world by ”freeze-drying” it. This is the least harmful way of preserving most of acai’s benefits, and allow it to be made in to high grade supplements.

Now anyone anywhere in the world can reap the benefits of this insignificant looking fruit without having to travel all the way to Amazonian rain forests.

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