Natural weight loss

Cho yung tea is essentially a green tea that is thought to help with weight loss. It needs to be taken in conjunction with a healthy eating and exercise programme. Green tea is a very healthy form of tea as it contains many antioxidants which are known to mop up the harmful free radicals that are found in the body.

This tea is made from leaves which are picked from the Camilla Sinensis tea bush, which is harvested three times a year. These leaves are then dried in the sun until partially dried and then undergo a heat process which stops oxidation which could harm the tea. After this they undergo a fermentation process before being mixed with other ingredients such as Chinese herbs. These herbs are chosen for their purification properties and which are also thought to aid digestion.

These additional ingredients include Oolong tea, which is a widely available traditional leaf tea, Cassia seeds which are supposed to be good for the liver, kidneys and the large intestine, Hawthorne which is thought to aid digestion, and Poria which is a tonic made from a fungus which strengthens the immune system.



In general green tea is thought to be beneficial and is widely drunk in Asia. It is thought to have fat burning properties and to lead to a healthier body. Countries where this tea has been drunk for many years tend to have lower incidences of diseases such as heart disease and cancer, although this could also be contributed to a healthier diet that may be lower in fat and sugars.

This particular slimming tea is supposed to be drunk twice a day in order to be beneficial. It does not in any way claim to be medicinal. There is no need for vitamin supplements to be taken with this tea, as long as a healthy and balanced diet is followed and a moderate amount of exercise is taken.



There is no denying that green tea is a healthy beverage, and the health claims of it have been well documented, but does that mean that this slimming tea is any better than just ordinary green tea. It would seem that the addition of the herbs make it more effective, and as an all natural product it should be safe to take.

However the suggestion is that this tea is drunk alongside a healthy eating plan. It also needs to be combined with moderate exercise. This will appeal to many people as it sounds a very workable diet plan.




There are many testimonials to be found about what a marvellous product Cho Yung tea is, and how much weight has been lost by taking it. Maybe some of this weight would have been lost just by following the exercise and diet plan, or maybe not. As this tea would appear to have health benefits and is a natural product that should not do any harm by taking it, then it would seem worth giving it a go. It could be a way of kick starting a new healthy living programme.

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