Natural Remedies vs. Drugs

Natural health alternatives  are growing more popular  all the time.  People use them as both preventatives to maintain their health  and as cures for sickness and disease. 

At one time, of course, natural remedies were the only option available.  But with the coming of chemicals and drugs the medical profession largely gave up on natural remedies.  Procedures shifted to treating almost all sickness and disease with pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.  Pharmaceuticals are big business, and we are subjected to a daily marketing assault advising us to “ask your doctor about (insert some drug name here).”

today medicine follows the “sickness” paradigm, prescribing drugs or procedures to cure people after they get sick.  This paradigm is in opposition to the “wellness” paradigm which focuses on keeping or recovering good health by the use of natural remedies and a healthy lifestyle.

Why are people becoming increasingly interested in alternatives to standard medical treatments?

  • Modern medicine has failed in successfully treating many common health conditions.
  • People have begun to worry about the reliance and safety of drugs and surgery.
  • Many natural products continue to produce better results than drugs and surgery without the side effects.

Natural Products vs. Drugs

Drugs and surgery have their place, but there are major differences between drugs and natural remedies that everyone should be cognizant of.

Drugs are toxic.  Natural remedies are not.  Each year over 100,000 individuals die from properly prescribed drugs.  We should be focusing on ridding our bodies of the toxins we ingest, not putting in more of them.  Fortunately there are methods of detoxing available.

Drugs contain chemicals or unnatural substances.  Natural remedies do not.  Our bodies are complex creations designed to efficiently utilize natural plant-sourced substances. 

Many drugs simply cover up symptoms like pain or infection.  Natural remedies seek to get rid of the underlying cause of the symptoms.

Drugs ordinarilly work sooner than natural remedies.  Natural remedies take more time as they help the body create healthy cells, tissues, and organs.

Drugs are aimed at interrupting normal biological processes.  Natural remedies support normal biological processes.

Some drugs create dependance.  Natural remedies do not.

Combining multiple drugs in a prescribed regimen can be dangerous.  Although the effects of consuming an individual drug may be known, almost no testing has been done of drugs taken in combination.  Many middle-aged and seniors are taking multiple drugs multiple times a day.  On the other hand, we have been safely consuming a combination of natural remedies in our food since the beginning of time.

Often-times starting on a drug-based therapy begins an escalating chain of failure.  IE when drug A creates unwanted side effects, Drug B is additionally prescribed.  Drug B creates it’s own side effects, for which Drug C is prescribed, and so on through the gradual damage and failure of the body’s organs.

People who believe that natural remedies are not important or do not work may not be aware that drugs have been developed as scientists have tried to duplicate natural remedies by using chemical and hormonal ingredients.  The basis of their studies all started with how natural remedies work.

Natural products and remedies constitute not only the best but the safest alternative for people interested in addressing the underlying causes of disease and achieving optimal health and wellness.

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