More Info On the Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair By Human Touch

The New Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair From Human Touch

There is a buzz on the market today and that is because of the arrival of this newest massage chair.

Let’s discuss some of the amazing features:

First is ease in function: This chair will look fantastic anywhere as it comes in the colors of a rich black and espresso, which is a creamy dark brown color- a very handsome color.  With these colors you can put this chair anywhere, office, home, reception area…you get the idea, it’s very decor friendly.

Secondly let me ease your mind as the Cost is not as high as you might think for a ”best on the market” chair.  The MSRP on the chair is $5999, but it’s minimum advertised price (MAP) will be $4799.  This means when you walk into a store or look to order on-line you should be able to get this amazing chair for a bargin price of $4799, and I mention that is a bargin because of the integrity of the chair, it doesn’t depreciate.

Third, so why buy this chair? Because the ottoman raises 6 inches off the ground which makes shorter people fit perfectly in the chair thereby allowing for a good back massage and at the same time getting a great foot and calf massage.  You can come see and tryout the acutouch once we get one in the showroom as we will want to test it and continue to give it our full review.

Fourth, you will also love that fact that this chair has iPad/iTouch/iPhone interactivity with the chair. called HT-Connectivity.  Check out this link to view for your personal ussage.  The user can pick three ares of emphasis and the chair will focus on these three specific areas.  Professionals can also input additional programs through the HT-connectivity feature, which were designed specifically by them.  

For the Acutouch 9500 to hit the market at this time is just perfect for the stressful holiday season.  This chair is made for all of us, it fits our lifestyle; For all of us that are perpetually on the go now we can put the iPad/iTouch/iPhone interactivity to use and massage away our worst days and get back to good health and more vigor for the things we want and enjoy doing.  Yes this chair is a great welcome on the market today.




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