Megadrine RFA-1 Is the Same as Xenadrine RFA-1

For a few year ago there was an Ephedra diet pill called Xenadrine RFA-1.

Unfortunately Xenadrine RFA-1 got withdrawn from the market due to a huge controversy there was about Ephedra a few years ago.

In those days Xenadrine was probably one of the most popular diet pills around with a very high rate of happy costumers. After been withdrawn from the market Xenadrine came out in a new Ephedra free version, but it is not as nearly as good as the original.

The old original Xenadrine does not exist anymore, but there is a new exact copy on the market.

The name is Megadrine and contains exact same ingredients. The only difference is the name.

Megadrine is getting high demand due to its very high fat burning abilities. User’s reports rapid weight loss just as effective as with the old version of Xenadrine.

Especially women are happy about Megadrine, mostly because the amount of Ephedra is not that high, only around 10 mg. But don’t be fooled with Megadrine it is the quality not the quantity we are talking about.

Besides Ephedra, Megadrine contains an effective cocktail of a long list of ingredients that for sure will boost up your weight loss. Megadrine belongs to the ECA Class which is a combination between Ephedra, Caffeine and White Willow, that makes the fat burning abilities even stronger.

Other important ingredients are a healthy blend of Green Tea that will increase your metabolism, Yohimbine that targets the fat depots at the mid section, and finally L-Carnitine that helps transporting fat cells out of your body system.

Megadrine have appetite suppressing abilities as well, so you will not starve when you are on a diet, and many of these cravings for salty or sweet stuff will disappear.

Megadrine is absolutely recommendable especially to first time users, women and sensitive people that respond very rapid on Ephedra or Caffeine.

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