Medicinal Herbs – The Ancient Way of Healing

With today’s increasing numbers of new diseases , side by side with it is a new form of treatment specifically made to cure that particular disease, this kind of medical trend or routine is very much familiar to all of us as we continue to evolve and face the future . However, do you ever thought your mind what do ancient people use to treat illnesses and diseases right before medicines were invented ? Before penicillin was discovered , what do people use to fight bacteria’s? The answer is quite given and that is thru medicinal herbs. These medicinal herbs are being used by our fellowmen way back then that its effectiveness can’t be questioned due to thousand years of usage and unmatched experiences .

Today, more and more people are getting sick due to increasing pollution in the environment and lowering body immunity . Many new types of diseases are also being discovered from time to time making this place a “not so” safe world to live in. With these frightening discoveries of new diseases , more and more people are also getting immune thru antibiotics and treatments which make the process indeed difficult to resolve and rectify . If you want to try something different by means of following traditional methods of healing , why not use medicinal herbs to help your body recover from certain illnesses  and be healthy in the most affordable way. For your perusal, listed below are some of the most common medicinal herbs used by many people today.

1.  Chamomile – this medicinal herb is used by most people in the form of tea for its sedative effects . Believed to cure insomnia and other forms of sleeping disorders , chamomile is one of the most popular medicinal herbs ever available in the US. Aside from being a wonderful sleeping agent , it is also used in Europe as an alternative anti inflammatory agent. Use chamomile in the form of tea or as a topical agent and experience its wonderful health benefits in a safe way .

2.  Echinacea – the stalk and leaves of this medicinal herb is best to cure flu, colds and infections . You can also use this medicinal herb to speed up wound healing process . However, you cannot use this medicinal herb as a replacement therapy for long term infectious diseases or illnesses.

3.  Feverfew – aside from being a great fever reliever , this medicinal herb can also help prevent migraines and cure arthritis. Note that this medicinal herb is not advisable to be taken should you be an anticoagulant therapy to avoid rebound effects and unwanted side effects.

4.  Garlic – tagged as the mother of all herbs and spices , its healing capacities had been proven effective on lowering blood cholesterols and controlling hypertension . Fresh garlic, toasted, capsules or other forms of garlic presentation maybe be used to help control cholesterol as long as it is not altered chemically . However, proper amounts of garlic should be taken with great consideration in mind as it can affect the clotting factor of the blood .

5.  Ginger – if you are often troubled with traveler’s nausea or vomiting, take ginger the next time you hit the road and easily calm your digestive system. This medicinal herb is also available in candy forms due to their convenience and ease of usage.

Medicinal herbs are truly exceptional when it comes to preventing and healing diseases. The efficacy of medicinal herbs may be put in great question when compared to modern pharmaceutical treatments but their thousand years of existence and affordability is a clear winner.

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