Take pleasure in A MASSAGE!

Do you enjoy getting a massage?   Wrapped in a warm, fluffy towel, gentle music wafting on exotically-perfumed air, while skilled hands work out every single kink in your muscles, regardless of whether it’s in a clinic, or an costly spa!   And afterwards, the feeling of utter relaxation, you’re almost boneless!!    Sheer heavenly bliss!

Looking the word up the dictionary states its the manipulation of layers of tissue and muscle that enhances movement and helps you relax.  References to massage might be found in many ancient civilisations including Rome, Greece, India, China, Japan and Egypt.   A biblical reference from c.493BC documents..’ daily massage with olive oil and myrrh as portion of a beauty regime for the wives’………

It sounds a bit clinical and cold for a thing as enjoyable and advantageous like a massage!

Massage is one on the oldest and simplest forms of therapy and is used to aid the body heal itself and boost well-being.  Massage therapy has become an significant section of general wellness care for many persons living in today’s stressful world.

I also read somewhere about the importance of touch as part of human contact.   No doubt we must bond with and love those around us

For several of us a massage is seen both as a necessity for our well being as well as pampering!   Having a massage is, as it should be, relaxing.  And if we can get relief from our aches and pains by one thing so gentle and stimulating to the senses, surely it have to be far more helpful than a go to for the Doctors and any medicines he may perhaps give?

The ambiance of exactly where we have a massage is also critical.   You will discover those who favor some of the big spas and all that they provide – massages to individual parts on the entire body, swimming pool, exercise machines, manicure and pedicure, and a restaurant, etc. These needless to say are high priced and to quite a few, would be considered a treat for a unique occasion!!   There is one other drawback, for me at any rate – there are as well a lot of other men and women!  Personally I prefer smaller Clinics exactly where you can find only a handful of people, or indeed, just myself!    Fluffy towels, exotic aromatic oils, gentle music are still section of the package too as the skill of the masseuse.

I do not know what section of a massage I choose probably the most!  Perhaps the freedom of letting the mind wander knowing that for a certain amount of time you require not worry about anything!!   Or is it the enticing aromas from the oils?     A branch of Alternative Medicine claim that specific aromas carried by important oils have curative effects.     Just the names of some in the oils conjure up beautiful perfumes and feelings of pampering and well being – Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel. Jojoba, Avocado, Grape seed – and as well several others to name them all!

But certainly, one of the most important factor should be the skill from the masseuse as her skilled hands iron out all the difficulties in our tired muscles!

Massage, here I come!

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