Massage Chairs vs. Professional Masseuse- Which Is Better?

Who do you think wins this challenge?  In production and/ or manufacturing business, there has everlastingly been debate about which is better, machines or robots? Of course both side have their own following but if you really spend time in doing a proper comparison, then you would know that the two sides weighed are not even comparable to each other. When you think of massage chairs you don’t associate it with the ability to simulate the motions (like tapping, compression, kneading and rolling motions) that before, only an expert masseuse can do, but you should because these chairs are amazing.

 Some massage chairs feel just like a real masseuse with accompanying attachments that allows you to cover the other parts of your body such as your hips, calve muscles, and the most stressed muscle in the body, your back and neck muscle.

 To tell you honestly, they are not because even if these chairs can do a lot of cool stuff, they still have limitations.

You do not get to feel the warmth of actual hands, when you sit in a massage chair however they are comfortable to sit on; some even have the electrical capacity to warm the seat up.

 1.      I   Some would say that these chairs are not suitable for physical therapy. This is especially true if you need to have therapy to recover from a certain accident or physical condition. I say you be the judge, you will be surprised what the right chair can do for you.

 2.      Finally, the chairs do not really have that much ability to really target and work on severe lymph nodes in your body the way real masseuse can.

Owning a chair is convenient because you can use them anytime and anywhere, but comparability them with real people in the first place is not right to do.

 Both the massage chairs and professional masseuse exist because people need them and because one cannot really replace the other yet.

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