Maqui Berry – the Next Acai?

The topSuperfoodright now is the Maqui berry.  Research shows it to bericher in antioxidants than all other fruit studied by man, even the Acai.

You probably know that antioxidants reduce free radicals and that free radicals attack the body’s tissues,causingmany ailments in your body. Our bodies do produce antioxidant enzymes to reduce the effects of free radicals, but aging,life’s stresses,environmental issues,how you choose to live your life and what you eat can speed up free radicals. When your body starts to breakdown from these factors, you need antioxidants battlingon your behalf.

Fruits and vegetables containhealth-giving antioxidants to better your overall health, but the majority of us don’t get sufficient of these vital antixoidant rich foods.  Adding the Maqui berry to your diet will not only improve your overall health, but will improve the digestive process also. When your daily diet ismore than your body can digest it is eventually turned into fat.  These fats decayand producedangerous bacteria which then give way to toxins and will affect the colon, kidneys and liver.  Maqui berries detoxify your body, helping it to combat any health damaging bacteria.

Anthocyanins are water soluble vacuolar pigments and the Maqui berry is packed with them!  Anthocyanins protect blood vessels from oxidative damage and capillaries from damage from diabetes.  The Maqui berry has more anthocyanins than vitamin E and 100 times the amount of anthocyanins compared to a glass of red wine.  The Maqui berry also slows down the oxidation of LDL which aids in lessening cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and blood clots.  In fact,research indicate that anthocyanins displayqualities that are anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-carcinogenic and they also aid to slow down the aging process.

Studies have indicated significant weight loss can be obtained with Maqui berries because they speed up your metabolism. As commented onpreviously, the antioxidants found in Maqui berries aid to detoxify your system and improve it so you feel healthier and when you are healthier, the efforts you are making to lose weight are much more effective. It is as simple as that.

In fact, the Maqui berry health benefits are amazing!

1.  Boosts your metabolism to aid in weight loss.

2.  Loaded with antioxidants that nourish the body.

3.  Healthy immune system support.

4.  Anti-aging.

5.  Rejuvenates skin.

6.  Helps keep heart healthy.

7.  Wards off bacteria in the colon and digestive tract.

8.  Supports mental clarity.

9.  Keeps body organs clean.

There are even more tothings to enjoy about the Maqui berry.  They are packed with vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, potassium, calcium and iron.  Studies have been done and continue to be done on the miraculous benefits of the Maqui berry. 

In conclusion the Maqui berry plays an important role in the process of getting healthy, aiding in improving whole body health and more and more people are realizing its potential as a health additive.  With no dangerous side effects, is there any reason not to add this exotic, purple berry to your diet?

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