Lose Weight Holistically In The Alternative Health Center!

An  Alternative Clinic  may sound quack and unsophisticated. It doesn’t seem to have a niche in our modern world of advanced medicine and science. However, I believe that we should go back to basics from time to time.

Let me share my story with you. In 1972 I was inflicted with Diarrhea. I thought it was merely caused by overeating but it lasted for 23 years.

 Briefly after this started, I sought medical help and later went to several specialists   One sollution was to remove part or all of my colon which did not entice me at all.  At the time I weighed less than 100 lbs, had no clue what to do, but keep my mal – functioning colon.

 In 1990, I was diagnosed of having a celiac sprue.  The doctorwas uncertain about what I could eat and advised me on a gluten-free diet. It was effective at that time but was very unappetizing.

In 1993 I met an herbalist. I was only skin and bones that time. I wasn’t at all convinced that her herbs will be of much help becauseI had already been to all kinds of specialists. Her challenge was that if I strictly follow her program for 3 months and if it’ll prove futile, she would give me a refund.   On day 90 I ate 1/4 of a slice of wheat bread and  did not cramp or bleed internally.So I went from 100 pounds  to 135 lbs. and became a much healthier person.

I invite you to visit our Alternative Health Center and take my lead to the path of health and wellness by experiencing   Alternative Healing    



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