Looking At The Sogno Massage Chair

When you see this awe-inspiring Inada Sogno Massage Chair, you will marvel why you don’t own one. This chair has is a very contemporary look and certainly does not look like any other massage chair that I have seen.  It is sleek and stylish. This chair functions amazlingly and you will find it is also so cool because it looks so great you can put the chair anywhere- office, home, reception area.

This chair molds to your body and  that hits you is the arm massage and how it is structured into the frame of the massage chair. It is a thorough air bag massage that massages not only the forearm, which is typically what is present in other massage chair with an arm massage feature. You will get the sense that this chair was made for you . The body coverage of the chair is over 1200 square inches, which is the most coverage of any other massage chair in the world.

When the massage chair is functioning, the neck massage device will push down on the upper part of the shoulders, also known as the trapezia muscles, and does something like a trigger point massage to those muscles. The neck massage and the traction, is featured -this will make it merge a traction of the neck, and also at the same time massaging the neck to the musculature, the neck massage unit is a separate device that looks like head rest.

When you deal with the fact that you are a little taller than everyone else you will like this next feature, this is called the ottoman, it is one of the most practical calf and foot massagers that I have ever see, it has an accordion like extension feature that I have seen it work on people as tall as 6′ 7″, as easily as it did a 14 year old girl, it also has a youth program, that is designed to work on younger and shorter people.  It is very unusual that a massage chair that can supply to both body morphologies without having to compromise the quality of the massage.

Ev Like great massage chairs you will find this chair has a remote too , well this remote will be specially easy to find, it is not a pedestal type of remote but tucks into a little pouch at the right side of the chair when not used and it also has unsophisticated programs which are easy to find and activate.

The hip massage system is wonderful! I have also not seen another massage chair that would work on the sides of the thighs, many have thigh and butt massage that works on the gluts at the back of the butt and thighs, intense right?

This massage chair also has a lumbar heat feature that makes for a perfect massage.There is not a thing I have found to be a distraction or down side to this chair.  It is reasonable in price, comes in a beautiful creme color that matches just about everything, you genuinely deserve it to yourself to start getting a massage everyday, and if you owned your own massage chair you could, starting today!


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