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The team at the rear of Point OF Return encompasses an vital altruistic perspective that areas other people earlier than self. The organization was formed to clear up a problem that seemingly no one different could.


Direct OF Give, INC. is a non-profit and community advantage organization that had been established to improve those who look for their flexibility from a dependence to sleeping pills, anti-anxiety treatment and antidepressants, and to improve support in struggling such as Ativan and Xanax withdrawal. By transforming lives from the grip of prescription pill dependence, Direct of Give inspires people to recuperate and pass the concept of desire to a different in need. 

Point of Achieve is aware of that it isn’t adequate to save only oneself.  The use of health professional prescribed drugs has skyrocketed and ruined lives in its wake.  It is their aim to heal and turn to help a different.  And as a result of this act of giving, the particular person worlds expand, as does society at large. The human body is miraculous and its normal symphony of chemicals is hurt by the reliance to prescription capsules.  Even so, the body has an superp ability to recover alone and that is wherever the importance is placed.

Embracing these values, Direct of Give will inspire their customers to have fun and nurture their bodies and minds so that they can stay health professional prescribed drug free. Through research and education, the plague facing the international community should be confronted. Their bequest is to defend long term and current years so every single can become to their full potential.  Xanax withdrawal doesn’t have to be quite as difficult, and Point of Give can assist. Visit http://www.pointofreturn.com



Direct of Give

2630 Townsgate Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

Free Cellphone: 1 866 605 2333
Phone: 1 805 497 6100
FAX: 1 805 497 6115

E-mail: data@pointofreturn.com





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