Learn About Different Brewing Methods

There is a similarity to tea presses, infusers and cup teapots as well. In a way you might say they resemble the French coffee presses you might have seen and they are used to help you brew loose tea leaves. These is a number of different advantages to using these instead of a traditional teabag and similar brewers. One of the biggest things is a reduction in waste. While tea will be biodegradable, the bags that are used take some time to breakdown. When you only use the leaves, you avoid having a bag that must be thrown away after only one or two delicious cups. Second of all, you can use tea that you grow in your garden or find at a health food store. Boxes of tea are often stored for long periods of time and become stale and being to lose their flavor.

This press is interesting. It has a container and is slightly longer than a tube or even a carafe, but has a lid that fits tightly and a strainer press that has a handle on it. You just add your desired tea, some hot water and put on the lid. When your tea has had some time to steep, it will remain in the bottom of the carafe and give you some delicious brewed tea water. Some of these strainers have two strainers one will be at the bottom while the other is at the top and it forms a basket to help remove tea leaves easily.

We find that these infuser teapots come in a number of sizes, but they are large enough for 2 to 4 cups of tea made freshly. While this isn’t a specialty item, you will find it is difficult to find in most big box stores. Often, you will have to go to your local teashop to get a good selection, or find them online. But if you do go online, there are some important items to consider.

Since you might be new to tea infusers, presses, and small cup teapots, take some time to look before you buy. There is price comparisons to do, and you should see what you can choose from. There are different brands and products you will find in online store. Each will have different prices and features as well. Best of all there will be customer reviews so you can see what real people think of it.

Now as far as the tea leaves go, there are also options for buying the leaves. You can of course grow some in containers, or in a small location in your garden, etc. and some of these grow extremely well in just about any climate. Seeds or starter plants are often very cheap. In the case where you don’t have any place to grow, then you can find fresh tea leaves at your local grocer in the produce aisle, or from an organic foods store. Buying in bulk will save you money, but if you are new to drinking tea, smaller quantities may be more appropriate until you find a tea you really like.

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