Juicing for Longer and Healthier Life

It has been extensively believed that a well cooked vegetable dish is good for your body as an excellent source of nutrition. That is true, it is good and it also tastes good. However, the question is, how much of the vitamins do we actually intake after the cooking process is done?

Health practitioners and doctors increasingly if not with a great alarming speed advocate that using raw vegetables and fruits is extremely healthy for your body and a lot of attention is given to healthy juicing.

Why is so?

Cooking process reduces if not destroys essential nutrients. Less our body gets uncooked unprocessed food, less nutrients we get and more probabilities are to get different kind of infections because immune system is not sturdy any more. As a result illness are created and body does not have fuel to rejuvenate itself and struggle different kind of infections.

Whole foods, like uncooked fruits and vegetables are so much more nutritious than prepared foods. motive to that is because they come with a full range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, amino acids and enzymes, juices being an powerful way of delivering nutrients to your entire body.

Where is the secret?

The first written words on juicing are found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which goes back before 150 B.C. to around 70 A.D. In Europe, juicing has been for a long time tradition of ‘nature cure’. Since nineteenth century it was believed that our body has self healing abilities and it can gain its ultimate health via diet especially by consuming natural juices. Today more and more study supports the theory that juicing boosts health and prevents diseases.

Juicing is also a excellent choice for you if you are not used to eating a lot of uncooked fruits and vegetables. With juicing you can consume your daily quota of essential nutrients quickly, and you can ward off everyday disorders like migraines, colds, greatly enhance memory or reduce stress. While water is also a wonderful cleansing remedy, it only flushes out the digestive system. The nutrients of fresh juices are simply absorbed into the bloodstream for circulation around the body.

specially vegetable juices have a gentle cleansing effect. The vegetable juices present the body with power, necessary vitamins and minerals to reinforce the body. They are also very efficient at re-balancing the alkaline status of your body. For example, the celery juice belongs to a team of vegetable most appropriate for cleaning your body. Celery Seed (Apium graveolens) has slightly salty taste and it includes more than twenty anti-inflammatory compounds. Celery juice is an excellent vegetable to juice for:

  • Urinary tract cleansing and bacterial infections
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism, and gout
  • It cleanses the kidneys and supporting to reduce infections
  • It cleanses blood
  • It helps lower high blood pressure
  • It contains many various anticancer compounds that help get rid of cancerous cells from the body

Celery juice can be produced from celery tubers and leaves.

Even though juicing is receiving more and more attention among health professionals, naturopaths are amongst quite a few who are also using healthy juices to help cleanse the body and bring it back to good health. In general fresh healthy juicing is specifically good for:

  • for the duration of cleansing or detox process (when you are applying a detox plan with juices your digestive system is at ease and your stomach does not have to struggle with digestion because via juicing a great deal of fiber is removed).
  • Consuming a high level of essential minerals and vitamins
  • Facilitate weight loss (it is low in calories and high in fiber)
  • Preventing serious diseases (it is packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals)
  • They help to neutralize excess proteins and fat found in the digestive system

It is also good to mention that some fresh fruit juices include pectin, a kind of fiber. Once in your stomach, it forms a gel and speeds up digestion. Fruits high in pectin include apples, grapefruit and oranges.  Fruit and vegetable juices are also beneficial sources of nutrients which particularly support the immune system and fight off infections and viruses. These nutrients are vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, zinc and the B group.

So the reason why such sudden storm around juicing is now a bit more obvious. It is mainly because raw juices have remarkable cleansing, healing and tonifying qualities. This is possible because of a broad assortment of natural, existing vitamins, minerals and other healthy active elements which help nurture and strengthen the body.

Instead of chewing and crunching into a boring processed food or whole foods, you know by now that by drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices would be a much less complicated way to obtain lots of concentrated nutritional goodness.

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