Is Coffee good for Dieting?

Does coffee help you lose weight? Or does coffee help you gain weight? Are there medical benefits in coffee or is it just a pleasant refreshment? When you were feeling dull and needed to boost your energy levels, how many times have you resorted to a cup of coffee?Coffee contains caffeine and therefore has a positive impact on your energy levels. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases energy levels in your body as you are probably aware. Energy is not provided on its own of course.More energy, already present in your body, can be extracted by the caffeine in coffee. Relying on coffee in the long term, is not a very healthy option, needless to sayA positive impact can be achieved by taking caffeine into your body if you are depressed or taking medication. With your optimism flowing you may feel like tackling those tasks that had seemed unfeasible or impossible.Does this explain the large quantities of coffee drunk in Boardrooms countrywide? Just as any other drug or stimulant have a double edged impact, so does caffeine. Ceasing the intake of caffeine will cause your body to show withdrawal symptoms.Just skip that early morning habit of a wake-up cup of coffee, and see what happens. You will discover that your body reacts rather viciously and you end up with headache, low energy levels, crankiness and irritation throughout the day. To improve your mood, your body will goad you into having a quick cup of coffee.There are innumerable instances where people have been ashamed of their dependence on coffee but yet have had no option but to consume the same. So how do yor skip this habit? It won’t be easy and will take time.The withdrawal symptoms over the first three or four days will be no different than those of any other drug. Your body will goad you into drinking coffee in any way it can. Your reactions are likely to be irritability, energy deficiency, sleepiness and inability to attend to work.However, once you get over this phase and once you manage the first week properly, you will find that your body starts functioning on its own. Now regulate your coffee consumption and you will find you never get addicted to caffeine again.

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