Ionized Water and Diets Low in Calories

A very gruelling matter? for the masses to amply realize is when it comes to their low calorie diet is that they should be drinking more water (and consuming liquid vitamins). Why water?  Why can’t you drink whatever you want? There is one big reason for this on this type of diet or any diet. All types of drinks, except plain old water (preferabl Alkaline Water), have calories. These calories are hidden and are the worst way for you to waste your calorie intake on, for the day. Think about this this. Would you prefer to eat a few more vegetables or fill up on a few more ounces of chicken or would you like to drink a can of soda? When you can effectively learn to give up drinking wasted calories and drink ionized water, you will save yourself precious calories to use properly in your diet.

Calories are not easy to come by when you are dieting. You really must eliminate them wherever possible , and that includes calories in the beverages that you ingest A can of soda or pop will contain any where from fifty calories well up into the 150 to 200+ range, also they are very high in sodium . Something else to remember is just what are you getting for those calories. You don’t get a full sensation in your belly so you are still hungry. You don’t get much of a permanent taste as it is usually gone inside a few seconds.  You do get caffein, sugars, sodium, and even fats that you definitely don’t need or want .

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To make water from an Alkaline Water Ionizer a more tasty alternative, add something to it.  A simple yet effective way to do this is to just add some lemon or lime or even vitamin c crystals into your water. You should be drinking about 3quarts/litres of ionized water per day. If your not sure how much you are drinking , every morning fill a container in the fridge with three quarts/litres. If you don’t finish it, you haven’t drank your alkaline water for the day. By the time you have learned to replace your drinks with ionized water , you will have saved yourself a ton of empty calories.

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