Introduction To Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating can appear like a joke to those who’ve never had to endure through it,  it’s not funny at all to those who suffer from it  . Anxiety, social problems, embarrassment, and handicaps accomplishing everyday tasks such as computer work or construction all make day to day life quite difficult .  In extreme cases  , excessive sweating can cost the victim jobs, relationships, promotions and even normal social interactions. While excessive sweating is usually not a serious health problem in and of itself, it can make an otherwise healthy human being hide away in fear and depression .

What causes excessive sweating? Essentially, there are two kinds of extreme perspiring.  Primary hyperhidrosis is brought about by genetics,  and it usually accompanies puberty if it’s going to start up at all  . Genetically caused excessive sweating usually can’t be cured at its source. It can be managed , though, given prescription antiperspirants or even surgical intervention.  Secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by some other health condition , and you usually have to treat that condition before you can get rid of the excessive sweating. Some of the health conditions that cause excessive sweating can be quite severe, including pitutary gland problems, some kinds of cancer, and diabetes.  Whenever you start sweating more than normal  , it is vitally important to uncover what’s going on.

As soon as you know why extreme sweating is happening,  then you can start getting it under control  . If you’ve got primary hyperhidrosis , then you may need to formulate a plan based on several different options.  Considering that sweating is regulated by the nervous system, nerve surgery by scalpel or by botox injection can often help, especially with sweating of hands or feet. Other things that can help are sage tea, sage capsules, cotton gloves, and topical antiperspirants. If a particular disease or disorder is causing secondary hyperhidrosis , then that problem must be treated as part of any sweating management program. If you can’t figure out what is causing the excessive sweating , in particular on underarms or on the palms of the hands, then you may desire to look at the possibility of skin toxicity.  

If you’ve figured out that excessive skin toxicity is actually the problem , then using antiperspirants and deodorants will not help. In fact, they may make the problem even worse . The excessive chemicals have overloaded the sweat glands and are are stimulating them to overproduce sweat. So, the first step is to get as pure a soap as possible, without perfumes, dyes, or preservatives.  Next, find a special dried sea sponge called a loofah that will really work to exfoliate the skin.  Use these to gently wash the skin every day  , while avoiding deodorants, antiperspirants, scents and anything else that may possibly bring about problems.

While it is never very much fun , but there are a lot of things you can do to help manage or even cure excessive sweating. Just remember to use the process of elimination and fix everything within reach.  Should a particular health problem be responsible for your hyperhidrosis  , then you naturally need to deal with that problem as well as possible. Having said that, no matter what is inflicting the problem, it’s important to sustain an optimistic attitude and keep attempting to get the sweating under control. By undertaking so, you maintain your connectors with other folks and your control over your circumstances.

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