Improve Your Lymphatic Drainage With A Massage Chair

The lymphatic system of our body is a parallel system much like the circulatory system but with the basic difference that it does not contain the red blood cell which is the oxygen and food carrier in the body. It is also unlike from the blood system since it helps in taking away toxins and poisons from the body while blood provides nutrition. What regulates the immune system is the lymphatic system, when toxins increase you run the risk of getting very sick.  At this stage we start to feel slow and lazy along with comely more prone to getting attacked by viral or other diseases that are contagious. However, if you incorporate massage chair therapy then the lymph system blockage will not occur and as a result it will be boosted up, become clear of blockages, eliminate more toxins, transport nutrients properly to the cells and increase the  rate of metabolism. When you have massage added to your wellness regimend you will find you are healthier because you have allowed the body to flush it’s self of unwanated toxins. But how will you come to know if you need massage chair therapy or if your lymphatic system is at all ill?

Well here are the physical symptoms which will tell the tale of your lymph system. Whenever the system is in need of repair you will find that you are feeling more tired than usual; premature aging will set in along with puffiness and swelling up of the joints of your body. You will also find cellulite and a very spotty skin which may also manifest itself in a profusion of acne outbursts. Migraine, stress, high blood pressure, broken capillaries in the facial region etc are also other symptoms that will tell you if your lymphatic system is fine or sick. But if you want to be away from all of this then you know what you have to do; go for improved lymphatic draining with massage chair therapy.

 Lymph Drainage Massage Therapy is the gentlest light touch massage  therapy that you can experience. Massage chairs will process some of these concerns, but a licensed massage healer would be recommended for others. This massage is like a complement to the therapist’s art of massaging since it is so subtle and at the same time,so relaxing. It helps in breast care, reducing pain and other problems during pregnancy, engorgement matters, sore nipples (may they be chronic or transient) etc. The therapy also helps in cases of inflammation of pre as well as post surgical parts. You will be amazed to know that the lymph drainage therapy can also be a treatment in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic uses like mastoptosis, traumas and scars.

 Best results are obtained with precise knowledge of the specific anatomy, physiology and related hand techniques involved so the practitioner can attune to the precise rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow.

 In fact, the light touch lymph drainage massage therapy is the best when it comes to removal of lymph blockages.

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