How To Treat Back Acne

Acne Back Treatment

Back acne may be severe and probably the most painful acne. It can be distressing and cause itching.  Back acne is prevalent and harder to deal with than facial acne. It can show up in many forms, such as blackheads, pimples or zits, pustules, or even the most unfortunate form of acne, cysts or cystic acne.  Indeed, back acne doesn’t only cause skin irritation but additionally causes a decrease in a person’s self worth, which can result in depression.  Back acne breakouts are prevalent and  harder to treat than facial acne. Much like acne located anywhere else on you, back acne has many of the same root causes. Like other types of acne it is due to hormones acting on the overactive, sebaceous oil producing glands inside the skin producing an excessive amount of sebum or oil. It isn’t regarded as caused by heredity and genetic disposition except in severe conditions.  It isn’t usually that troublesome but  should be cured as early as possible because if it is not treated it may turn into pustules and sometimes even to boils or abscess. Bad back acne can also leave scarring and blemishes. It is not a deadly disease, but without treatment acne can disfigure, scar, and seriously disrupt the life of the sufferer.

The skin on the back is usually much thicker than that around the face, sometimes making effective acne treatment more challenging, although treatment for back acne is only slightly not the same as treating acne on the face or other areas of the body. Some tips on how to treat back acne are:

Wear loose clothing, especially in the summer when you may get sweaty and hot.

There are certain fabrics that may irritate acne.  Sometimes however, it’s not the fabric but the tightness of the clothing which could cause and irritate back acne. Tight-fitting clothing and clothing produced from fabrics that don’t let the skin breathe are two of the main instigators of back acne. One other issue might be that the constant friction from this kind of clothing may make it worse and may cause lesions to erupt and pus to ooze out.

Ladies, whenever you can, start using a hand bag rather than a purse which can have irritating straps, also avoid  backpacks.

Make use of a very mild laundry detergent for your clothing as strong detergents can aggravate skin disorders of this kind,non biological varieties are best.

Ladies, I’m certain you know what it’s like to want to buy that ”perfect” dress for a special ocassion like a prom, wedding or birthday party but you can’t wear the one you would like since they all show an excessive amount of of one’s back(and your acne) .And guys, I understand you’ve felt embarrased when you’ve gone to the pool or the beach and had people look at you in disgust as if you had some kind of contageous disease.

 I had severe acne my entire life, and I tried all the other back acne skin care treatments like Proactiv to over the counter scrubs,  exfoliants,soaps with benzoyl peroxide, microdermabrasion creams, toners and serums to stronger prescription drugs such as  Roaccutane.The trouble with something as strong as these drugs is that in order to get effective long term results and clear skin you need to take the product LONG TERM. I don’t mean a few weeks or months but literally for quite some time.Besides this being really not good for other parts of your body but the financial obligation can be crippling over that period of time .Sure you can buy cheaper generic acne medications from various online retailers but you may not know what your getting when you are taking these drugs, as they sure haven’t been passed by anyone as stringent as the FDA, so you take them at your own risk. Also having done this myself previously you also stand the chance of losing your drugs to customs as some countries have importation restrictions on drugs being brought in from other countries.

Hopefully you have found this article helpful on how to treat your back acne

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