How to Plan a Classy Vegas Wedding

Since the first day the drive-thru chapel opened its doors, Vegas has been known for some prettygoofy weddings. But, these days, things have changed. The allure of Las Vegas is still there, but brides are opting for the less-tacky version. They are doing it up in the new, classy Vegas style – from the party invitations to the Vegas wedding favors.

The first thing you should do when planning a Las Vegas Themed wedding is to select the invitations. Invitations are the first point of contact with your guests, and can act as a preview to what is to come. If your invitations are tacky, your guests might expect a pot-bellied Elvis to perform the ceremony. For your invitations, you’ll want to choose something that says Vegas without being too much. If possible, you should also include your wedding colors along with any Vegas themed imagery you reckon would be proper. You might desire to have your invitations custom-made to avoid garish-ness, or you can try and choose from the ready-made versions.

The good news is you don’t have to marry in a drive-in chapel. There are tonse a great wedding reception sites in Las Vegas. With all of the upscale resorts and casinos to choose from, you truly can have the elemental upscale event right in the heart of Las Vegas.

As for your wedding colors: it’s ok to choose colors that are naturally found in the casino, just don’t overdo it. Hints of red, gold, or green are just fine, but don’t let them overcome the room. You should likely mix in some more neutral colors to lighten the vibe of the wedding. Oh, and a word to the wise, beware of the gaudy Vegas wedding planner. Make sure to interview your event planner thoroughly to make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to design.

The same rules apply to your wedding décor: add a touch of Vegas flair, but don’t overdo it. Remember, you’ll want to look back lovingly at these photos on your 30th wedding anniversary. You don’t want to be saying, “What the heck were we thinking?” Just keep it classy, and you’ll be just fine.  

Picking out the most appropriate wedding favors is the final step in your party planning. The favors are a small token of appreciation that will also serve as a reminder to your guests after the wedding day has gone. You’ll definitely want to give Las Vegas wedding favors. They should sum up the entire occasion nicely so your guests will remember the fun time they had at your wedding whenever they see their favor.


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