How To Improve The Taste of the E-Cigarette

Many people are unaware of the fact that without flavoring added, an e-cigarette cartridge would have no odor or flavor at all.  The propylene glycol/nicotine solution is totally unscented and without taste.  Now, as you’ll imagine, that really doesn’t help the e-cigarette be a very realistic substitution to a traditional cigarette.  So in an effort to enhance the experience, the e-cig companies add a flavoring agent in the mix.  This not just makes the resulting vapor taste better, it also releases a light aroma of the flavoring that also enhances the experience.

Obviously, since most consumers of e-cigarettes are replacing tobacco products, you are able to imagine that tobacco flavoring is one of the best sellers.  This flavor is ideal for all those attempting to give up smoking since it will taste and smell like a regular cigarette.  The only difference with the smell is that since it’s in water vapor and not real smoke, the scent will not stay behind in the air, on your clothes or on the walls.

However, not every client of the e-cig needs the tobacco taste so the makers became quite creative with additional flavors.  A few, like cherry and menthol, are based on flavors already present in certain tobacco goods so they’re a natural addition.  Other flavors are more unusual like chocolate, strawberry and mint.  One may even find such favorites as chocolate and vanilla these days.

These additional flavors help people to actually quit smoking by providing an alternative choice to tobacco flavors.  For somebody trying to quit, they can obtain cartridges in numerous levels of nicotine.  Generally you’d begin with a high degree of nicotine in a tobacco flavored cartridge.  As time goes on, you begin using a lower degree of nicotine.  Step by step, you can get down to the lowest level before quiting completely.  Once you get off the tobacco flavor, it’s easier to get rid of that last bit of nicotine and switch to your favorite flavor with no nicotine.


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