How To Grow That Prize Winning Pumpkin.

Have you ever wanted to bet that  old gardner who always wins first prize at the fall fair every year for the largest pumpkin or biggest cucumber.  Well now you can – I guarantee it. People will bending over backwards wondering what you did. Now I have you thinking, how can I make such a claim. The answer is really very simple, Amega Global and zero point energy. 
The zero point energy field is between the sub-atomic particles. Under a powerful microscope you need to look deep, beyond the cell, electrons, netrons  and protons level, below this we find  the sub-atomic particles. 
This concept of ”zero point energy” was first suggested by Albert Einstein  to explain the least attainable energy which a quantum mechanical physical system could have. This is what I have been told is the most foundational level of all matter.  I do not fully understand what this really means, what i do know is that being able to harness this power is creating a real stir.   ï»¿   
The health wellness field is experiencing the biggest area of growth.  One of the popular products from Amega is their wand which really looks like a pen.   You just take this ‘pen’ and wand it cloakwise over the area of pain and within minutes that pain will be totally gone or substantially less. This is like science fiction coming true,imagine waving a wand can actually promote healing. These Amega products are going to  change the health care system.  Their products are being marketed on  a referral bases so anyone just by helping their friends to live a healthier  pain free life can earn a substantial income. 

But how does this have anything to do with winning  at the Fall Fair.   The answer,  you need to energize the water before pouring it on your plants. You take the Amega wand and rotate it above the water for several minutes, (longer is better)  energize that water, than feed it to your plant.  Your plant will be not know what hit it,  it will grow like you have never seen before.  You will be able to finally win that prize that you have worked at for so many years.

What is even better than winning your first ribbon, is the income potential from Amega Global.  Why, these products  really do work and once the general public has seen this, these products will be in every   household.  ï»¿ Think of this, who made the big money in companies like Amway, it was the people who were in there at the beginning. Another crucial factor is the team that you join with. Make sure they offer good support and training.  For this reason, Amega Global Network Marketing  Polaris Team  is the team to join. These guys are professional and offer some great advertising deals. Plus, you can Amega Global Worldwide  Directory for extra marketing exposure. My name is Kathy Pleasance  and Amega Global Productshas changed my life. 


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