How to get your house clean fast

Have a chaotic   home ? Do you need  to get it neat speedily daily  but do not  have the time? (Who genuinely does, anyway.) Well, I’ve  got your quick-fix-less than 3o minutes a day cleaning tips! Interested? (How could you not be?) First ,  I   did the kitchen, then  the bathroom, and today is the bedroom! Here are your tips for today that should take you about seven minutes or less.

1. To start , make your bed…You don’t even have to fix your sheets. Just slide  your comforter over the top. Your whole   bedroom will drastically improve with this effortless  step. Be sure to straighten  pillows or blankets that may be on the bed, as well . No one will ever know what secret you are hiding underneath the comforter. Another quick tip that my husband loathes : I sometimes stow my pj’s under my pillow that I know I will wear the next night. It keeps them off the floor and out of sight.

2. After that , hang up any loose clothing or put it in the dirty clothes hamper. This step would be tons   easier  if you begin  by not tossing  them somewhere in the first place. We all know that this simply does not  happen all the time for whatever reason. But, if you take just a couple  minutes to hang up clothes day-to-day, you won’t start forming a pile that turns into a bottomless pit. In this step, put away any jewelry that you decided not to wear after trying on the 3rd necklace. (Sound familiar?)

3. This last step is where I just can not  seem to keep up. Clean off your night-table. someway, I manage to always  have several different glasses halfway filled up with water on mine. I blame it on the fact that my room is upstairs. But, no more! Remove the glasses, neaten books, etc. and bang! your room is like new.

That’s all for today’s cleaning tip. Come back for the final one to complete your whole house tomorrow! Also take a look at College Station Real Estate  or Round Rock Houses .

Happy Thursday’s to you all,

Jenn, the Cortiers blogger

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