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Hey guys, welcome to the epsiode number nine of ask Yuri, this is Yuri Elkaim here . You know lot of angle training, stress training, workout stuffs, selected a question, from no name, no name was given. But serious questions, Yuri have you ever experienced Detox anxiety when going through Detox diet over raw food diet? I am it is looking hell, thank you. Alright, so, the question is when you going for detox or detox your body I am not going to talk specifically to the highest degree detox I am also going to tie close to raw food stuff because it’s kind of the same.

When you go for the Natural detox diet, standard North American diet and standard western sandwich diet which is lot of fat foods with fine carbohydrate, stimulants and all kind of stuffs instead you know propensity that out of your diet. Naturally your body is sealedly foody coterie over there . Now your body will mind this as well from, remember we eat food for number of reasons and one of those reasons is that the emotional connection that we have to survive, for instances, somebody is stressed out, a lot of time the copying mechanism for stress is eating, alright. You are obviously turned to certain food; you may turn to cookies, fine carbohydrates, comforting food . Alright, carbohydrates will be turn to the brain and you are good, euphoric feeling and so that tends to the gravity off course more of those food choices.

When you starting with detoxification for more co-operation from the client side you make over the raw food diet . You eliminate those foods and naturally you spirit to get all, Oh my god! wherever is my bread, where is my cookie, where is my what ever and that’s fine and that’s totally natural and that is the part of the “soul crisis” that is known. And then it is, again it is the part of the physiological, then you have to get out of the system because it’s not great in a confirmed but it’s also emotional weigh and I think that’s most powerful things about purging, is you in truth starts to type into, you become more witting to connection to the food whether it is some nutrition thing or something else and may be if it something else it is a good opportunity to work on some of the issues because it is best help.

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